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There are many, many books written on negotiation. There are as many good books as there are bad. In the past, manipulation used to be the standard method of choice for negotiating. Learning how to control and use subtle techniques to get what you want, and then leave the other side without a leg to stand on. This ultimately led to prolonged negotiations, with one side feeling cheated. As a result, that side would likely choose not to do business with the other party in the future, or would go out of their way to compensate for their losses. As a result, both sides would lose.
Business has changed. The knowledge and expectation of consumers has increased dramatically. The average consumer has done their homework and now brings a lot more to the…

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 In the States, Fifty thousand dollars for a 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom, single-family, semi-detached home with

enough closet space to hold fifty thousand pairs of shoes Where do I sign?!

For Canadians, it’s mind-boggling to hear about the prices foreclosures are going for in the United Stated




Properties cannot be sold under market value


Properties must be accompanied by an appraisal.



Aside from the likelihood that the foreclosure isn’t a great bargain, purchasers of foreclosure properties

face several other risks. For example, banks have the ability to sell or dispose of property “as is”. This

means that, before putting a property on the market, banks don’t have to remediate or repair structural

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Why You Need a Home Inspection
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It's easy to get caught up in the speed, drama and pressure of bidding on a house that you are willing to skip a few steps to make sure you acquire the house of your dreams. You're suddenly willing to pay a few thousand more than you had intended. You're willing to go for a quicker closing date. You're even willing to skip the home inspection process, and just ask a knowledgeable family member to check it out for you. Slow down. Relax.

Don't let yourself fall in love with a house until you've had the house examined by a professional. The house could have any number of problems in structural, roofing, exterior, foundation,…

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Buying a Home? Beware of The Hidden Costs of Homeownership
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Anyone who owns a home knows that there are many additional costs associated with owning a home. Many first-time homeowners base their decision to buy a home on their ability to make the monthly mortgage payments. In fact, there are many other costs that go into owning a home than just the mortgage payment.

First-time homeowners are often startled by the hidden costs of owning a home. The traditional housing expenses (principal payments, interest, taxes and insurance) are just the beginning. Maintenance, repairs, supplemental insurance, home improvements and decorating can cost you thousands of…

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11 Fattest Lies About the Real Estate Industry

1. A referral is the best way to get a Realtor

Simply trusting that a Realtor has your best interests at heart can lead to disappointment. Your needs are unique. Qualify all Realtors to ensure they are competent and motivated to properly represent you.

2. Pay off your mortgage quickly

If you reduce your payment or simply pay interest only (secure line of credit) and invest the savings into a compounding interest account, your savings will be much higher than the value of your original mortgage.

3. You don’t qualify for a mortgage

Regardless of your credit or income, anyone can purchase a house. Options such as joint ventures, vendor financing, second mortgages, and many more, provide…

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When should I sell? How can I make sure that I will get the most for my home? I can’t afford to own two homes, so how can I be sure I don’t get stuck with my house?

Timing is a critical factor in determining the amount of money you can expect to get for your home. It is important to note that we are discussing a free, “no labour required” way to add thousands to the price of your home. Before figuring out when we should sell, we need to understand the two primary factors that will determine how effectively you can maximize your return in regards to timing; Supply & Demand and Motivation.

Supply & Demand

There are certain laws in life that are always right and never wrong. The principle of supply & demand is one of them. When there are more…

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 Price is the MOST important factor to consider when selling. So when pricing a home, should you list competitively, or should you speculate a bit and see if you will catch the “big fish”? Let’s take a look at both options.

What would happen if the real estate market suddenly shifted in favor of sellers, and you priced your home off comparable properties in your area that were now outdated (pricing it too low)? Well… in this case, you would likely have an offer on your
home within a couple days and within 98-100% of your list price. You may even get competing offers and receive more than the original asking price. Your sale is now done and you can forget about it. You may have gotten $5,000 - $10,000 more in 30-60 days, but that is only a “may”.

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Step 1 - Realtor Interviews and the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

There are hundreds of critical mistakes you can make when selling your home, however there is a universal cure for them all . . .qualifying and choosing the right agent. Ask your agent lots of questions to ensure their motives are in the right place and they have the ability to properly represent you. Furthermore, you need to find out if you are comfortable with this person’s style of business.

In addition to an interview with an agent, have them look at your house and give you an idea of value. The agent will then assess the other homes in the area that are comparable to yours, make financial adjustments for the differences and give you an approximate value. This process is…

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This “FREE” report outlines 10 reasons why I believe may have had home trouble selling while it was listed with another real estate company. Although these suggestions are not fact, they do generally reflect views and situations why many of the homes have listed have not sold during the listing period. Please note that these reasons are only this agent’s conclusion or ideas and do not suggest or have any accusations or wrong doings toward any previously listed real estate company and or their agents.











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Communication. One of the main goals and functions…

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