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A number of city agencies will be doing their part this Halloween to make sure that all of the ghosts and goblins traveling the streets have a safe night. Patrols will be provided by the city for this Halloween program called Partners for Safety.

There will be more than 800 cars and vehicles patrolling the streets of Calgary tonight to keep Halloween safe. Organizations that are taking part in this program include the Calgary Fire Department and AHS Emergency Medical Services.

Here are some last-minute safety tips that the city is recommending:

  • Don't use shortcuts through private property, lanes or alleys
  • All treats should be checked by an adult
  • Wear reflective clothing that's light and bright
  • Don’t crisscross the roads - trick-or-treat…

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One of the best ways to increase the value of your Calgary home is by planting a tree on the property. Several studies have shown that mature trees can increase the value of the home by up to 10%. Not only that but trees can provide energy savings as well!

It's important to plan

when you're working out what type of mature trees you want to have adorning your lawn you'll first need to look at the different species available to make sure that you choose the one that fits into your specific area. For example, a balsam fir doesn't thrive in an urban environment! Trees that grow slowly like oak trees generally provide the highest value since they are easier to maintain and provide a lot of shade.

The trees must be maintained though since a haggled tree can…

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Many new residents don't know where to go for entertainment in Calgary. They spend days searching online for the perfect spot, but without a little local knowledge, it can be hard to find exactly what you're after. The 17th Avenue Retail & Entertainment District provides the answer.

Known for both incredible shopping and amazing entertainment, the 17th Avenue District is one of the most popular places in all of Calgary. It's made up of over 400 stores, many services, plenty of entertainment options and so much more.

This area of the city has been known as the Red Mile, Uptown 17th and simply 17th Avenue. However, after nearly two decade of the Uptown brand, this area of Calgary introduced a new look, new personality and a new reputation.


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GymnasiumWe all have our own unique way to stay in shape. Some work out their thumbs on the TV remote, while others enjoy a gym membership, yoga classes, boot camp fitness or one of the many other options. Calgary is home to many great places and classes to help you stay in great shape. Here are some of the top choices.

Talisman Centre

Known as the best place for a workout in the city, the Talisman Centre provides a variety of programs, services and membership options. You can use the five full-size gyms, two tracks, massive fitness centre, aquatic center and all of the state-of-the-art equipment to stay in shape.

One Cycle Spin Studio

If you prefer a spin class for your workout, One Cycle is one of the top choices in the city. This studio provides plenty…

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If you're looking for something that's designed for youngsters from 3 to 9 years of age, check out the Ghouls’ Night Out events that are running at Heritage Park. Although Halloween is a special night out for children on October 31 when they can go trick-or-treating, it can be very difficult to find events that are geared towards the youngsters at other times of the month.

Ghouls’ Night Out is the perfect place to bring your youngsters for some fun and thrills before the big event on the 31st. It's also affordable! Tickets are only $6 dollars for little ghouls that are less than 13 and $10 for the older ghouls. Children under 2 are admitted for free.

Activities at this event include the following:

  • A fortune teller
  • A gruesome feast for the…

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Increase your home's energy efficiency this winter with these 5 simple tips.  Preventing the waste of energy is always the first step forward to making your residence greener. Follow these simple and affordable tips below and start saving money on your energy bills this year.

1. Stop air from leaking from your windows

Did you know that leaking air from your windows can make up 25% of your utility bill? In order to stop these leaks take a walk around your home and feel for any drafts that may be coming from the windows. If there's no breeze outside another thing you can do is hold a candle close to the window and see whether the smoke rises straight up as it's supposed to or whether it curves towards the window. If the smoke travels in the direction of…

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Image Credit: you're searching for organic or International food, you can find it all throughout the Calgary area. Many great grocery stores and markets carry some of the top Italian foods and other foods from around the world. Here are some of the top choices for your grocery needs in Calgary.

Kalamata Grocery Store - 421 11 Street SW

Open seven days a week, from 8am to 9pm, Kalamata is a great place to pick up unique items from great feta cheese to olives and everything in between, this is a specialty store with plenty of excellent foods. They carry a wide variety of imported items without the high price. Whether you're planning a picnic or a homemade dessert, you can find some of the best ingredients here.

Linda's Italian Market - 2202 Centre Street NE

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An established neighbourhood in the Southwest part of Calgary, Wildwood was originally developed in the 1950s. This neighbourhood provides many single-detached bungalows with large lots. It's found near Edworthy Park and the Bow River. Wildwood provides over 1,000 homes and has a population of nearly 2,600 residents.

This quiet area of Calgary has ranked as the second best neighbourhood in recent surveys. It's a bit of a secret to most Calgarians and the residents here like that about it. Only a few roads run in and out of Wildwood, which keeps the traffic to a minimum, making the community very pedestrian-friendly. Spruce Drive is about the only busy street in the area and does provide access to many other parts of the city.

People living in Wildwood…

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With the upcoming election scheduled for October 21, the issues are becoming more heated. One of the top issues that is coming out of this election is the sprawl subsidy and whether it should be removed or not. It's a controversial topic and one that has led to a lot of heated debate.

According to Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Calgary taxpayers have to pay $4,800 for each house constructed in a new neighborhood. This translates into $33 million yearly, which is a rather large sum. During the last 10 years, before the current council came into power, a debt of $1.5 billion was created from this subsidy. It’s a debt then taxpayers will ultimately have to pay off in the future.

Mayor Nenshi wants to remove this subsidy and place the burden for covering this cost…

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Provide your home with new energy this fall by applying a coat of paint in colours that make you feel more alive. There are certain colors that have been shown to affect people more positively than others that can be used to completely rejuvenate your home - and can influence your attitude on life as well!

Energizing colours include orange, pink and yellow. If you can't decide on just one, you can use a combination of the colours to bring a new spark into your home. Calming colours that you may want to consider if you're feeling stressed and lead a busy type of lifestyle include violet and soft green.

Winter is coming up and if you tend to feel a bit more down during the colder months when the sun is shining less and people tend to hibernate more, opt for…

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