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When it comes to your home, are you aware of the different types of mortgages and how long it will take to pay off a home loan? A BMO survey was recently conducted showing that many Canadians don't know the answers to these questions or understand the terms and concepts about mortgages.

The survey asked respondents which type of mortgage payments would pay off a home sooner; paying bimonthly, monthly or weekly mortgage payments. Approximately only half of those responding to the survey said that weekly payments would lead to home ownership faster. Making weekly payments is the fastest way to pay off a home if you can at all afford to make your payments this way.

It's important for home owners and anyone that is considering the purchase of a property…

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While there are a lot of different countertops to choose from these days, the two most popular types of countertops are granite and quartz. Both of these are great countertops, and they can last in your home for the rest of your life, but which one would be best for increasing your homes value? The answer is granite.

This does not, however, mean you should rush out and get a granite countertop when your heart is really set on quartz one. It just means that you may get a faster sale, or a better offer coming in with a counter made of granite.

Why granite? Granite has been the go-to stone for countertops for many years now. It has built up a reputation for being the countertop that distinguished homeowners purchase. Granite countertops have become somewhat…

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Remembrance Day is always the time to look back and honour those that gave so much to us in terms of freedom. When we look at this real estate blog we can thank those that fought during the years back for the freedom to not only be able to write and express views on the Internet but to also be able to consider purchasing  a home for the future.

We have so much as Canadians and even more so as Calgarians to be thankful for. We live in a free country and our city is doing especially well when compared to the other major centres across Canada. Remembrance Day gives us the chance to be thankful and really appreciate all that we have.

Thankful for our shelter

When you consider the climate of Calgary, it's really amazing to think that we can live in heated…

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This weekend ski enthusiasts can head to Lake Louise and take in some of the best skiing around. The resort has reported that more than 440 m of downhill runs will be publicly open this weekend. It's time to grab your snowboards, boots, skis, poles and wax and head to the slopes!

A big thank you goes out to the winter storm that we had last week that allowed this opening to occur along with improved facilities for making snow. While not all runs are currently open, when you combine Bald Eagle, Easy Street and Wiwaxy you get a run that's about 2.5 km down to the bottom. As well, there is a limited Easy Street rail park that is open and it offers a tubby tube, a tower tube and a dance floor.

Last month Lake Louise announced that large investments had…

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Remembrance Day is a special day for the veterans here in Calgary and across Canada as they are recognized for their supreme selflessness. It's an important  day and one that is being celebrated across the city. Here are some of the locations of the events that will be occurring on November 11 as we remember what these veterans have given for their country.

10:45 am - The Military Museums

10:00 am - Jubilee Auditorium

10:45 am - CentralMemorial Park

10:30 am  Battalion Park
11:00 am - Field of Crosses
10:30 am - Aero Space Museum
10:40 am - Canadian Pacific Remembrance Day service -  7550 Ogdendale Rd. S.E.

10:45 a.m. - Hillhurst United Church

Remembrance Day won't be forgotten either in High River this year. The long-standing tradition of first…

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There are a variety of different ways to get a lower price on your home insurance. Don't assume that you'll have to pay full price for insurance. There are some things you can do that will give you a break on your insurance premiums.

Use the same provider

If you don't have all of your insurance with the same provider, you're probably missing out on savings. Insurance companies are desperate for your business and will reward you for bundling together your policies. In some cases you can save as much as 20% to 30% by having one company handle both your house and your auto insurance in Calgary. Sometimes you can even have your life insurance bundled together as well for extra savings.

Get a quality alarm system

Cut down your insurance premiums by installing a…

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Photo Credit:, we all love the sunshine and warmth of summer, but a little part of most of us yearns for the opportunity to strap on our skis or snowboard and hit the slopes. You may even find yourself doing an ancient snow dance because the itch to ski is just so powerful. Calgarians don't have to wait any longer as the season has started and it's time to enjoy the snow-covered mountains, hot cocoa, a warm fire and the cool air on your face.

Finding Discount Lift Tickets

Skiing in Calgary can be very expensive, if you don't know the secrets to finding discounted lift tickets. You should never pay full price, especially if you plan to do quite a bit of skiing. Here are some of the discount options available.

The RCR Card

You will spend $90 for this card,…

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If you're planning a new home purchase you may be wondering what this sale includes and what it doesn't. Do you get any of the appliances or the area rugs? What about the fancy chandelier that's hanging in the front hallway?

In most cases, things that are attached to the home come with it. These are known as fixtures. Anything that's bolted into place usually remains with the house and is passed on to the new owner. In the case of the fancy chandelier in the hallway, if the sellers were planning on taking it with them, they would have most likely put up a cheaper lighting fixture when showing the home.

It can get more complicated

There are things that can be attached to the home that are not really considered to be fixtures such as coverings for…

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