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When you're looking around for a new home one of your main considerations is going to be the size of the house. While there are a lot of different kinds of homes that are available in Calgary, we are going to take a look at 2 common ones to compare the sizes of each.

Single-family detached homes

A lot of the detached homes that have been designed for a single family in Calgary usually have 2 to 3 bedrooms and are commonly 1,200 to 1,700 ft.² in size. In most cases you'll be able to park in front of the house and you'll be able to sit back on your front porch and read the newspaper on warm summer evenings.

These detached homes often have a garage that is separate from the main house so you’ll have to be prepared to walk outside to get to your car.

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Image Credit: Trucks will soon be taking to the Calgary streets again and residents will have their choice of about 39 different food trucks throughout the area. However, not all of the trucks can make the list of the best in Calgary. Here are some of the top choices to try this year.


You can typically find Steak Bites at the Mountain Equipment Co-op. they provide some of the best steak bites in the city and an Asian aioli for dimming, which is excellent.

Twitter - @SteakOutTruck

Jelly Modern Doughnuts

If you love a great doughnut, this is the truck for you. They actually call it the "Jelly Van" and the doughnuts include unique flavours, such as salted caramel and marshmallow S'more.

Twitter - @JellyModern

JoJo's BBQ

Some have said JoJo's…

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Image Credit: seems as if a new restaurant opens in Calgary about every week. With all these new choices, it's easy to forget about some of the best places that have been around for years. Niko's Bistro fits into that category and provides some of the best Italian cuisine in the city.

Some have said that owner Niko Miletic makes the best calamari in the city and maybe even in all of Canada. You will also find Italian sausage made in-house here and plenty of other homemade options for your dining experience.

Niko's Bistro opened back in 2006 and has been providing the Kensington area with excellent food ever since. The dining room is very intimate, which makes it a great choice for a romantic date. However, they do provide plenty of room if you have a bit of a…

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According to researchers that have been working with the Calgary Urban Coyote Project, there are plenty of coyote dens set up within the city. Hundreds of these animals live within the City of Calgary boundaries and researchers have been studying them for years. This year, the researchers are asking for help from volunteers in order to get more details about their dens and the urban coyote lifestyle.

Coyotes will protect the area around their dens but otherwise they will also travel long distances across Calgary. They have been sighted on pedestrian bridges, high-traffic roads and in industrial parks. The leader of the project from the University of Calgary, Alessandro Massolo, says that the idea behind the study is to understand the coyotes better…

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A lot of the homes that are being built nowadays have a garage door that represents up to 50% of the home's front facade. Instead of having the front door as the focal point, the garage door is the first thing that prospective buyers see in many of the newer homes. Not only will they get up close and personal with the garage door when they do a home visit but they will see it first thing when they are looking at a friend view of your house during an Internet search.

If you are thinking about putting your house on the market, you may want to go out and physically inspect your garage door closely. Is the paint job okay on it? Are there any noticeable dents on the door that stand out? These are the things you’ll want to look for.

About 90% of potential…

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To install ceramic tiles or not - that is the question. What is the answer? Go for it! These tiles are a sound investment that can last a lifetime and as an added bonus they look absolutely stunning in any room of the house!

A cost-effective tiling solution

Ceramic tiles used to cost an arm and a leg when compared to other types of tiles available on the market. In recent years though, ceramic has become extremely popular as a choice for tiles and as a result the prices have become more reasonable. As well, many tile shops offer spectacular deals on styles that the manufacturer will no longer be producing. As long as you buy enough tiles to replace any that get chipped or cracked throughout the years, you'll be all set and will walk away with a…

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Image Credit: provides a number of great attractions for visitors and residents to enjoy. Whether you prefer museums or you'd rather enjoy a sports attraction, you can find it in Calgary. Here are some of the top attractions to discover this year.

SpacePort - 2000 Airport Road NE

Bring the kids and enjoy the allure of space and aviation at the SpacePort centre. You can discover the fantasy surrounding the flight exhibits, technology and the potential future of air travel. This attraction includes flight simulators, which allow children to pilot their own planes and ships. You can also enjoy the air-pressurized rockets and a model space shuttle from NASA.

Stampede Park - 1410 Olympic Way SE

Whether you come out for the annual rodeo event or you prefer…

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