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In February, almost 20% of the residential listing sales in Calgary were selling for higher then the listing price. Since then, the trend has continued. In some cases, a home can be listed for just a few short hours before the multiple offers start flying in and bidding wars start. Some of the homes are receiving unconditional offers as well.

Many buyers have to go through these bidding wars in order to have a chance of getting the property they want. Most of the homes that do run into a bidding war scenario sell within a day of being listed at a higher asking price.

Part of the problem stems from the low inventory of single-family homes that are available. This, along with the low interest rate is stirring up a market frenzy. While Calgary is…

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Due to the city having a smaller supply of condominiums, the market has created a large amount of apartment construction. Calgary is going to see a number of new apartment complexes opening very soon. This is a good sign for the entire city.

Since the city is growing and more new residents need a place to call home, many developments are either under construction or will be soon. It's hard to get into a condominium right now because there isn't much supply. However, soon, there will be plenty of apartments to choose from.

The condo market in Calgary has been outperforming the rest of the country for many months. With the new apartment buildings starting to pop up, no longer do buyers have to wait until the perfect condo becomes available. Instead,…

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If you've been driving down Highway 22, you've probably been wondering what the building is that's being constructed just north of the roundabout at Highway 8. You may have been thinking that it was a hotel but it's actually a giant home that will be worth millions of dollars.

It's a two-story property on 80 acres and when it is completed it will consist of 11,000 ft.²It's going to be a private home and it's not clear who the owner will be. It is situated in Rocky View County, which is one of the richest Canadian municipalities.

Another luxury property located in Springbank will be going on the market soon. The asking price is going to be $30 million. The Kestrel Ridge Farm is also located in Rocky View County close to the Elbow River. It consists of…

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Some residents in Calgary are using extreme measures to keep their property protected from any flooding. In Elbow Park, one homeowner has put up a metal fence that is 3 m high to keep his riverfront home safe. Another resident that lives in Rideau Park has his home surrounded by a wall and has also put in a pumping system.

These drastic measures are okay according to Mayor Naheed Nenshi as long as they have been approved by the City of Calgary and won't cause any damage to neighbouring properties. Some of the flood mitigation projects that have been done by homeowners are only temporary and will be removed in the summer.

Alberta is also now offering a new phone app that can be downloaded for free from the government website. The app was developed…

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Not everyone has been provided with a natural green thumb. Many people struggle to keep the garden blooming and end up giving up as a result. This doesn't mean, however, that you can't have beautiful flowers around your home. You just need to lower your expectations and turn to potted plants instead.

You can liven up the curb appeal of your home by placing potted plants on your front porch. Hang them, place them on the stairs or arrange them on stools or tables on your porch. If you have a condo, you can liven up the balcony by doing the same thing.

Here are some tips to help you set up the plants and choose the ones that will look the best:

1. Look for lightweight containers that can be moved easily. This way, you can try putting them in different…

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Volunteers were busy on Sunday making Calgary looked beautiful with the 47th Annual Pathway and River Cleanup. Approximately 2,900 volunteers showed up to clean city parks, riverbanks and 200 km of pathway. While a lot of the riverbank areas could be covered, some were not accessible this year due to damage from the flood.

The volunteers were provided with gloves and garbage bags and were able to clean up a lot of the debris from the flood. This flood overflowed at the riverbanks causing debris to flow downstream.

Last year the teams picked up 4,000 kg of garbage according to a waste audit. The City of Calgary Parks has the goal of reducing that high amount down to 100 kg by 2025. It's not known yet how much waste was picked up this year but there's a…

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More Calgarians are making their way downtown to shop and eat according to a new Ipsos Reid survey. The results show that the number of Calgarians that head to the downtown core to eat dinner or lunch or to shop has risen by 10% since 2011. The survey was conducted in October and November last year and sampled 1,000 residents that were over the age of 18.

The survey showed that residents have a better perception of the cleanliness and safety found in the downtown area. More people are satisfied with the cleanliness of the LRT stations, bus stops and sidewalks. As well, the poll also indicated that nine out of ten surveyed feel that the level of safety in the downtown core has either improved or remained steady during the last year.

There was a rise…

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What is Mozi-Q and how does it work? These are the words that a lot of people are asking across the country and in the U.S.

Mozi-Q is an insect repellent that is available in pill form. It's all-natural and Health Canada approved. It's based on homeopathic principles and works to keep ticks and mosquitoes at bay. It was developed by Erin Bosch the founder and CEO of Xerion Dispensary in Calgary. She put together the product and started to offer it to her clients. When her customers came back to get more, she decided to share the repellent with the world.

The main ingredient in Mozi-Q is staphysagria, which is a plant-derived natural substance. Many people that take a dose of the product find that mosquitoes and other bugs are kept at bay.

There are…

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Airdrie is one of the fastest growing towns in Canada and is a great place to raise a family or retire. The town of Airdrie is focused on industrial and commercial expansion and development while keeping the community warm and welcoming. Approximately 34,000 people call Airdrie their home and it is located 6 short kilometers north of Calgary.

If you need to head into the downtown core for work, Airdrie is about 32 km away. If you're heading to the Calgary international Airport, the town is about 20 minutes away. There are many family-oriented communities within the town and a variety of residences that have been built specifically for seniors.

The spring rush has started in Calgary with housing prices rising and homes selling quickly once they are…

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We all hear about the rules and advice given for fertilizing your lawn but do you really know why it is so important? Besides giving grass that green, lush look that you desperately want to see in a lawn, fertilization does much more. A lawn that is well-maintained also contributes to your local environment.

When you keep your lawn in good shape it helps to cool the atmosphere while reducing erosion. A healthy lawn serves as a system for water filtration and can better deal with any extreme weather conditions such as drought, heat and large amounts of rain.

A healthy lawn can actually keep the air around a home cooler by up to 8°C than the air around a property that is surrounded by hard surfaces. Your lawn can also remove and trap air pollutants…

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