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Green Calgary is a nonprofit charitable organization that offers a number of services and products to help Calgary become greener. There is a lot of research behind the products and services that they recommend and the proceeds from sales go to environmental programs in the local area.

Calgary green products

Green Calgary offers a number of different green products that have been selected carefully based on the following criteria:

  • Quality products that are proven to work well
  • Recyclable and reusable products
  • Products with no packaging or limited packaging
  • Manufactured ethically
  • Many products are sourced locally
  • Non-toxic and natural ingredients
  • High recycled post-consumer content

Aimed at reducing the environmental footprint you…

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If you love carpeting, here are 3 different reasons why it's okay to lay down wall-to-wall carpeting. During recent years, carpeting has been put on the sidelines as more and more people opt for hardwood flooring. If you prefer to have carpeting under your toes, here are 3 reasons why it may fit into your lifestyle better than a hardwood floor.

A more cost-effective option

When you compare the cost of carpeting versus a hardwood floor, you'll be paying a lot less on average when you choose even a high-end carpet option. In most cases, it will only cost you about half to lay down carpeting than it would to put down a new hardwood floor.

To keep it as a cost-effective option, however, carpeting must be well-maintained throughout the years. It's…

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Okotoks was also hit hard by the flood that occurred back in June 2013 but fortunately almost all of the repairs have been just about completed. Okotoks officials report that many remediation projects have been finished and these include the following:

  • Lion’s Campground
  • The pathway that runs on the east side of the library
  • Rich’s Campground
  • Erosion on the river banks in various areas
  • Armouring of the water treatment plant
  • Well #1

A second well is going to be drilled once the town receives approval from Alberta Environment. There's only one project that the town is still currently working on - the building of some outfall structures for storm sewers.

Other remediation projects include repairs of the Cimarron Bridge for pedestrians,…

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It can happen to anyone. The real estate agent calls and lets you know that a hot potential buyer is interested in seeing your house and they are only 5 minutes away. You tell your agent that it's fine to come over but you know that you have to give your bathroom a quick overhaul before your guests arrive. Here is a quick fix to getting your bathroom all cleaned up when you only have a few minutes to work with.

Start by dropping 2 Alka Seltzer tablets into the toilet to fizz away any dirt or stains. Club soda will also work. While your toilet is self-cleaning, grab any clutter that shouldn't be there and stash it in a basket inside the closet or in a drawer.

Use a microfiber cloth to get rid of cobwebs that may have developed in the corners of the…

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Calgary Heritage Park

WOW! That is the one word that best describes Heritage Park. It is 127 acres of pure awesomeness. It is the oldest living history museum in all of Canada. And if that isn't reason enough to make you want to go visit this summer, allow me to give you a few more reasons.

It Has Close To 200 Exhibits

There is no possible way you can get bored when there is just so much to see. Half of the exhibits you will see here were relocated to the park. About a quarter are originals that have been restored and the other quarter are analogues. That means they were built in the park to mimic something that once was.

Butter Tarts

Yes you read that right. You won't find better butter tarts than the ones you find at the Alberta Bakery in Heritage Park. Many believe…

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One of the most exclusive communities of Calgary featuring a variety of luxury homes for sale can be found in Elbow Park. This neighbourhood is located just south of the Calgary downtown core. There are several beautiful homes here in this downtown location that was first established back in 1910.

If you're looking for a luxury home in Calgary, you may want to consider looking in the Elbow Park district. Many of these homes offer a great view of the Elbow River and some are directly on the river side. The most beautiful stretch of the Calgary River pathway runs through this elegant neighbourhood along the River. It winds by Sandy Beach and Stanley Park and as you travel along it you'll be sure to see the river rafters that are lazily heading north.

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This Saturday, June 21, make your way down to the Symons Valley Ranch carnival tent for a great barbecue demonstration. There are 2 demos taking place on Saturday starting at 1 PM and then again at 2:30 PM. Find out how to make delicious barbecue recipes that include the following:

  • Bison teriyaki short ribs
  • Bacon wrapped hot dogs
  • Burgers stuffed with cheese
  • Brussels sprouts on the grill
  • Chicken with a white Alabama sauce
  • Much more

In order to guarantee a seat for this event, be sure to sign up on the Facebook site at https//

On June 28 the Symons Valley Ranch is having a Food and Fitness Weekend that includes a complimentary tuning clinic for bicycles and a taste challenge that's sure to be appealing…

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If you are planning to put your home up for sale, it is worth your time to give it a thorough cleaning before asking a real estate agent to value it. Presenting your home in the best possible light may not only increase the price but it also helps to sell the home more quickly.


This is one of the most important cleaning tasks to take into account when preparing your home for sale. Most people will accumulate clutter over time. Boxes, clothing, books, and other objects strewn around the place will make your home look untidy and will create a negative impression with viewers.

Don’t simply move clutter from one place to another in your home. If you really want to hold onto a lot of stuff, put it in storage. You will have to pack and remove…

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GymnasticsEveryone knows the health benefits associated with any form of working out and gymnastics is certainly no exception. Unfortunately, most people over the age of 25 feel that they are "too old" to enjoy gymnastics. In fact, there are a lot of people who feel that gymnastics is something you are too old for after the age of 15. This is why you might find it a little mind-blowing to learn that gymnastic classes for adults are one of the more popular things to do in Calgary.

The Bad News

While it is ironic, it is with age that you develop a fear for throwing yourself in the air and over a metal bar. Running, jumping, and soaring through the sky is something that a child finds exciting. Adults, on the other hand, are just worried about getting hurt.


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In Mission, there are only 8 homes out of 38 that are still for sale in the River development. So far $104 million in sales has been accomplished with 6 more condo units selling within the last 30 days for just about $15 million.

The project has been developed on 26th Ave. SW. on the Elbow River. Last year in May 2012, a record $8.99 million was paid for a penthouse with 5,600 ft.² in the River Tower. This tower has 15 floors and 26 condo units and the low-rise building contains 8 homes. There will also be a total of 4 multi-level townhouses included in this development.

If you're interested in making a purchase there is a condo unit for sale for less than $8 million. This unit consists of 5,148 ft.² and is absolutely beautiful.

The ground floor…

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