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Fall HikeThe summer crowds are leaving as fall is now fast approaching. You’ll get to feel the crisp weather and see the brightly coloured foliage.  Here are some of the best trails to tackle this time of year.

Larch Valley

You’ll find the terrain will take you far into the alpine Larch Forest. The round trip runs about 8 kilometres.

The yellow leaves glow this time of year in the Larch Valley. The trail starts at Moraine Lake. If you want a longer route, you will have the option to continue to Sentinel Pass. The trail will be open during September and into early October, depending on the weather.

Lake Agnes

The round trip is approximately 3.5 kilometres. The trails are well-maintained and you’ll probably find travel time is about 2 hours. Try visiting…

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Fairmont Palliser Hotel Lobby - Image Credit:

Are you thinking about spending some time in Calgary? Maybe you are thinking about staying at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel? Before you make those reservations, chances are pretty good you want to know what you can expect, while at this hotel. Just what does this hotel have to offer their guests?

What to Expect

This hotel has provided travellers and visitors in Calgary with a beacon of comfort to enjoy during their stay. Did you know, this hotel first opened its doors on the 1st day of June in 1914? One hundred years have passed since that magical day and this hotel is still viewed as one of the more luxurious places to stay in Calgary.

The History of the Hotel

Until the 1970’s this was a hotel that used staff operated cages to get you from one…

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Marshalls Store - Image Credit:

Opened August 21st, Calgary is proud to announce the first Marshalls has come to town. Marshalls is one of the best off-price retailers and is a large store. The Thursday opening was at the former Future Shop, a giant space in Calgary. This is the 38th location in Canada of Marshalls. The grand opening in Calgary is being well received in the community, being such a popular retailer.

The Layout

For those who haven’t stopped by yet, the colour scheme, departments, and layout of the former Future Shop will be about the same. The Future Shop and Marshalls are actually a part of the same company but have their differences.

The Cube

The cube is a department that is only offered by Marshalls and is the first difference between Marshalls and the Future…

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Solo HomebuyerPeople buying homes in Calgary always get so fixated on buying a home that is perfect for you and your family. What if you do not have a family? What if you are a single individual living by yourself? There is certainly nothing wrong with living alone and there are some people who prefer it.

What Do Single Homebuyers Need to Think About

Do Some Research: There is research to be done regardless of if you have a family or if you live on your own. If you live on your own, maybe there is a reason. You could be a person who does not like children. You also could be a person who just hasn't found your special someone. Either way, you are going to want to live in a certain kind of neighbourhood.

The Resale Value: You have to consider the resell value of…

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You’ve found the home of your dreams and are ready to move in. One of your first priorities should be to call in a locksmith to get new locks put on your home. While you have been handed a set of keys during the closing, you can never be sure who else has access to keys that will fit into your locks.

Most homeowners don't just have one set of keys. They have extras made just in case they lose one. As well, close friends and family members may also have a set of keys to the home. A lot of homeowners will also pass keys over to a contractor that they trust. The contractor may pass on these keys to one of his employees. All of this means that the house that you have just purchased isn't really all that secure until you change your locks.

Sometimes it can…

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ColaTired of the typical Coca Cola? Calgary is trying something new by offering three refreshing new sodas to replace your usual soda. Everyone’s favourite summer beverage, the soda has been reinvented and is better than ever in Calgary. Try authentic root beer, black cherry soda, and grapefruit tonic with that fizzy flavour.

Grapefruit Porter’s Tonic

Cheezy Bizness food truck has created the Grapefruit Porter’s Tonic. Nicole Fewell owns the truck and was trying to think of a way to keep business active during the winter season. She created this citrusy flavoured soda by bottling tonic made from scratch using lemon, lime, lemongrass, citric acid and cinchona bark, and then adding the grapefruit flavour. The tonic was named after her son. She also says you…

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It's time to get back to school and for many children it's going to mean a brand-new sleeping schedule. Many parents allow their kids to stay up later during the summer months when time is more flexible and the sun stays strong into the evening. For many children, making the transition back into a school schedule is difficult due to their summer sleeping habits.

A lot of parents try to transition their children into a school schedule a week before school starts. It's a good idea to get the kids slowly accustomed to going to bed earlier. This can be done by putting the children down a half hour earlier every evening. This helps to get them back on track so that there isn't a big jump between bedtimes as we gear towards the first day of school.

One of…

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