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It's New Year's Eve and if you don't have any plans yet, here are a few last-minute tips to help you out. The events listed below are family-friendly and suitable for any age!

Party at City Hall

Come out to City Hall this year at Olympic Plaza. There will be an outside party so be sure to bring along your skates! There will also be hot chocolate served and music to enjoy while you take in the breathtaking sights of ice sculptures. It all begins at 9 PM this evening and the coundown starts right before midnight. There will also be a coundown starting at 9 PM for children that need to head home early. This is a free celebration and is perfect for both young and old.

Cowboy Rodeo

This is a western celebration and it's taking place at the Agrium Western Event…

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There are a few key points to consider when hiring a professional Calgary real estate agent. You’ll need one in order to buy or sell your home successfully. You should be thinking about the amount of money you will save in the long run and not how much money you will pay the agent. Here are the main points to consider when selecting an agent.

1. Make sure that the agent has a detailed plan of action about marketing. A good real estate agent should be skilled in marketing his services and also your home. If the agent cannot market his services, then he will not be able to market your home effectively.

2. You should ask for testimonials of former clients that the agent has served. Nobody likes to take the risk of spending their cash on any professional…

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If you feel  more sluggish and tired than usual following a giant turkey feast, it isn't necessarily the turkey that's making you tired. It's a common belief that the L-Tryptophan in the turkey will automatically make you feel tired after the meal but this isn't necessarily so. The only way that you will feel tired from the L-Tryptophan is if you eat turkey on an empty stomach without other proteins or amino acids.


A lot of the sleepiness that you may feel following a large turkey dinner may be due to the two or three plates of food that you have consumed and need to digest. When you have a full stomach the blood from vital organ systems, which includes the nervous system, is directed towards the stomach to help with the digestion. This will…

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Lake Louise Ski Resort is one of the biggest resorts in all of North America. The scenery is spectacular and the terrain is absolutely beautiful. The wilderness will inspire you due to how pristine it is.


This legendary resort located right in the heart of Banff National Park. They offer world class terrains and so much more. With over 4000 skiable acres, those who love skiing will never get bored. You can literally be on the powder all day. You can come alone or you can bring your entire family.

The layout is suitable for all skiers no matter what their age or experience level. If you are a beginner you will have access to quite a few gentle slopes. This will allow you to practice before hitting the bigger slopes. For all the experts out…

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It's that time of the year and many children will be excited during this holiday season. Sometimes the kids can get overexcited though and at these times can be very difficult to manage. Here are some tips to help calm down a child that has become overexcited so that he can get back on track to enjoy the rest of the holidays.


A child that has had too many sweets and is experiencing a sugar rush has a hard time keeping control of his body and his emotions. In most cases the sugar rush won't last too long and then you may see your child crash. In order to help his little body deal with the excess sugar you should get him to drink some water. This will help to flush out the sugar so that this body can get back into balance faster.


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Do you have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do? Are you just starting your shopping? If so, here are some quick tips to help you get the shopping done quickly so that you can come home, wrap the presents and then enjoy the remainder of Christmas Eve.

Don't run around town

Don't run from one big box store to another - you don't have time! The clock is ticking and you probably only have until 5:00 or 6:00 to finish your shopping. Not only will you have to fight with the lineups in the stores but you'll also have to deal with the crazy traffic lining the streets. If you only have one last gift to pick up it’s okay to head to one of the big box stores to finish your shopping but if you're just starting, it will be a frustrating experience to drive…

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The Lunchbox Theatre has been around since 1975. For well over 30 years they have been providing Calgary residents with some of the best entertainment around. This year won't be any different. Here are just a few of the many shows you can take in beginning in 2015.

Beneath Springhill: The Maurice Ruddick Story

Maurice Ruddick is an African Canadian miner who survived the Springhill mine disaster that took place in 1958. He was underground for nine whole days and made it through by singing. That's why he is referred to as “the singing miner”.

Thanks to his music he was able to keep the spirits of fellow workers up. This has been credited with saving their lives. Because of this he was awarded the Citizen of the Year award. This is a great story…

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This year, consider doing something quite different for your friends and family members. Instead of purchasing them something that you're not quite sure they'll like or not, think about giving them a contribution towards a home purchase.

You probably know somebody that is scrimping and saving to put together a deposit for a new home. Sometimes it can take quite a while save for this deposit and any contributions would be well appreciated towards the cause. When you let the person know that the money you're giving is meant to help support the purchase of a home, it isn't just money that you'll be handing over.

You'll be contributing to a dream and what better Christmas gift could there be? A lot of people are no longer asking for specific presents and…

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In YYC pork is found on menus everywhere and pork takes front and center at the Swine and Sow Wine & Ale House.

In the Chinese zodiac the year of the Pig is over 10 years away, however, 2014 seems to be providing swine in its glory of ham, bacon and barbecue goodness. So much so, that it is even the focal point in the name of the Swine and Sow restaurant.

History of Swine and Sow

CA restaurants purchased the Parker House. It served up 1920’s-era food and the building was too formal and stuffy for the crowds they wanted to attract. CA Restaurants also own Murrieta’s, Trib and The Cellar.

They quickly moved the bar to the center of the room. It became a “Farmhouse Tavern” with the splashes of red that were incorporated throughout.

The Menu

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The vacancy rate for rental apartments has gone up a bit during the past 12 months but is still considered extremely tight. In October, the rate went up to 1.4%, which was an increase over the 1% that it was sitting at one year ago.

The rental market survey for fall that was issued by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation released the statistics. As well, the report showed that rents on average here in the city of Calgary are the highest in Canada.

The demand for apartments has remained high due to the continued net migration into the city. At the same time, however, new inventory has been added, leading to a slight increase in the vacancy rate.

With the market still tight, the rents continue to go up. In fact, Calgarians have to pay the highest…

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