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Heritage Park - Image Credit:

Heritage Park in Calgary is your chance to experience history as the past comes to life in front of your eyes. You’ll feel like you’re traveling back in time from the 1950s to the 1860s through costumed interpreters, historic buildings and a huge collection of artifacts and antiques.

It’s the largest living history museum in all of Canada that allows you to discover how life was once in the West. You’ll be captivated by the 180+ exhibits and working antiques. Here is a look at all of the exciting things you’ll discover during your visit.

About Heritage Park

The park first opened in 1964 and has grown into one of the area’s premier tourist attractions. It’s also one of the largest attractions in the continent and most successful for a living…

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Allergy - Image Credit:

If you suffer from allergies, it may be necessary to allergy proof your home. With the sun shining and allergies at a heightened level, there's no better time than now. Here's how you can make your home dust-mite proof and eliminate common allergens.

Kitchen and Living Areas

The best thing you can do in the kitchen and the living areas is wash everything. Washing the couch cushions, curtains, carpet and any other covers will help eliminate many of the allergens. You can also add an air purifier to help cycle the air and eliminate airborne-allergens.

The Bedroom

A dust-mite proof cover is the first addition to the bedroom. This type of cover is made for both the mattress and the pillows. It will be hidden by the sheets, so you don't have to…

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Glenbow Museum - Image Credit:

The Glenbow Museum is an excellent place to hang out in Calgary. When the weather’s bad or your family is looking for something new to do, plan to spend the day discovering all of the interesting artifacts found at Glenbow.

It’s great for all ages because there is so much art to see, artefacts everywhere and interesting exhibits. If you’re still not convinced, stop at the Glenbow Museum to see some of these unique, unexpected items that has everybody talking. Here is a look at what surprises you’ll come across during your visit.

Championship Wrestling Belt

Stu Hart made a huge contribution to the wrestling world by being almost unmatched by anyone worldwide. Since he trained so many of the world’s best wrestlers right in Calgary, the Glenbow…

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With a growing city like Calgary, there are always new restaurants popping up and old ones that locals always want to go to time and time again. It’s nice being in a city that has a broad culinary range and having so many options.

While it’s fun to try different types of cuisine in your own city, sometimes you just want authentic Canadian and there are many Canadian restaurants to choose from. From the River Café in the midst of a river park to Belvedere, one of the top choices for fine-dining in Calgary, here is a look at the best Canadian Restaurants in Calgary.

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant– 15979 Bow Bottom Trail SE

Just under 20 minutes away from downtown Calgary is The Ranche, an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. It’s perfect for any…

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Calgary Folk Festival - Image Credit:

The Calgary Folk Festival is magical music event for everyone from young to old, singles to families! You’ll find 7 stages offering over 68 amazing folk music performances. With so many options even 4 days won’t be enough to catch everything you desire without a little planning.

Child Free and Ready to Party

If you’re enjoying the festival without little ones you’ll want to make sure a stop, or five, at the Beer Garden is on your agenda. The Beer Garden offers Big Rock Beer and cider as well as wine and sangria in a wonderful tree-shaded area. It’s conveniently located near the Main Stage so you can grab your frosty beverage without missing any of your local or global musicians.

Family-Style Fun Filled Weekend

The festival is the perfect…

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Calgary Tower - Image Credit:

Have you ever wanted to see the tallest observation deck in the world? Well, Calgary is home to the tallest 360 degree deck in the world in which visitors can see 1228 metres above sea level! It’s also a gateway to Calgary’s cultural, entertainment, art and nightlife scene being in the downtown core.

It’s the best view of the city and a must-see for newbies to the area. What’s better than 360 degrees of the bustling city, the foothills, the Rocky Mountains and the prairies, all in one stop? Here is a look at what you’ll get to see at the Calgary Tower.

About Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower observation deck is an amazing glass floor, birds-eye view of the city. They offer complimentary tours full of historical facts, landmark information and…

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There has been an uprise of young business professionals looking for homes within the heart of Calgary. It only makes sense to scope out a home within the city because of their work, and it helps them decrease cost.

While this is great, there isn’t enough space for everyone. As a result, homes are becoming smaller. However, there are not any complaints coming from the business professionals. Condos make the perfect solution for an active lifestyle within the city.

Not a New Craze

This is not a new craze, as space has long become an issue for inner city living. With that came the introduction of the micro condos. The micro condos are actually smaller than the classic apartments, but they are constructed to enhance a small area to get maximum…

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Calgary bad credit mortgage and refinancing loans have become more popular in recent times as a greater percentage of people fall into debt. While in the past a bad credit score would prevent you from getting a loan for your home, this new breed of mortgage companies cater to people with bad credit histories.

A bad credit mortgage firm may look like the silver lining in the cloud to those in dire straits. After all, if someone were to offer you a way out just before foreclosure on your home, would you not be grateful? Caution is needed when dealing with these companies because it may be the leak that sinks your ship instead of the lifeline that saves your home

Interest rates

Bad credit interest rates are normally higher than normal lending rates.…

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When you are ready to sell your piece of land you’ll probably want to sell it quickly while maximizing your profits. There are a few things you can do when you are selling your land that can help ensure a quick turnaround.

You’ll want to hire a real estate agent. Agents have access to a network of people looking for property. Additionally, they can take advantage of numerous marketing venues to promote your piece of real estate to the largest pool of buyers possible. The time and energy a real estate agent can save you is well worth the commission he or she charges.

Just because you are working with an agent doesn’t mean that you can’t do some marketing on your own. Specifically, ask people in your social network if they are interested in…

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A real estate investor, like any other businessman, has only one goal in mind and that is to become successful. Success can be elusive and has a lot to do with your belief system. No one has ever achieved something without a firm belief in themselves and in what they are doing.

When it comes to Calgary real estate investing, you can only be successful if you become a good marketer. To become a good marketer, you must sell value to others and get them to believe in what you are selling.

One false belief that is common in business today is the thought that you can do everything by yourself. This has been taught by the so-called gurus as the key to success. Real life experience has taught us otherwise and nothing can be further from the truth.

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