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Lose your job?  Don’t lose your home!

Losing your job can be devastating, particularly if your mortgage payment takes a significant portion of your pay cheque.

And if your partner is still employed, paying your mortgage can be tough when your total household income is suddenly cut in half. According to a recent study by Manulife, four in 10 homeowners couldn’t last three months if they were laid off from work. But, take heart – you do have options! 

Take Inventory

First, write out a list of whatever money you do have coming in or whatever funds you have in savings.  Then take inventory of your monthly expenses.  Prioritize your bills, with your mortgage payment at the top of your list.  Consider your mortgage payment as part of your living…

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When planning a trip to Canada, the word “hammerhead” probably doesn’t pop up in your mind, and anytime it does, it’s surely doesn’t produce a good image. Rest assured, the Canadian hammerhead is of a much different variety. Established in Alberta in 1992, Hammerhead Scenic Tours boasts friendly, safe, and knowledgeable tours of central and southern Alberta areas.

What Can You Expect from the Tours?

From daily, half-day tours of Calgary city to the rugged 3 day explorer tours, they provide affordable adventures for all interests and skill levels. The one day tours are provided year-round and explore a multitude of places from prairies and Lancaster Society Air Museum to Two Jack Lake and Victoria Glacier, to a tour of the West Edmonton Mall. The…

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Spring Rolls - Image Credit:

If you have been searching for a casual setting and comfortable atmosphere with a Vietnamese Cuisine; Quynh is the one stop for your dining experience. Bring your family, co-workers, and friends to the relaxing restaurant at any of the convenient times noted below. You will be spell-bound with the knowledgeable staff. Quynh also received the Trip Advisor Award in 2014 and placed as one of the top ten Vietnamese restaurants in Alberta.

Asian Principles

The Asian principle consists of five elements; the sour element comes from wood, the sweetness comes from the Earth, the salty element comes from water, and the spiciness comes from metal and Mahabhuta.

All furnishings are custom, and the décor is imported from Vietnam for an authentic cultural…

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Gasoline Alley Museum - Image Credit:

The Gasoline Alley Museum is a fun place to go in Calgary if you love automobiles. They have one of the largest public collections of antique vehicles. They also have a huge collection of oil and gas artefacts from the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

If you enjoy the older street scene, this is the place to find it again. Along with the regular cars, you will find some of the coolest whiskey runners and plenty of other great artefacts to enjoy.

The ambiance at the museum is very nostalgic. You will be captivated by all the vintage artefacts and vehicles, along with so much more. The upper Mezzanine level provides a place you can rent for an event, as well. The events can run up to 1,000 people and can include a buffet dinner or a plated dinner.


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