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More existing single-family homes have been sold in Calgary than Edmonton so far this year. However, more brand new homes have been put in the hands of buyers in Edmonton than in Calgary.

We may be in the same province, reliant on the same type of economy. But just like our sports teams, there seems to be a different response when it comes to resale home activity versus new construction this year.

The new construction segment in Calgary is behind Edmonton by 1,518 new starts.  Between January 1 and October 31 of this year, there were 3,497 new single-family homes built or under construction.  According to Canada Mortgage and Housing (CMHC) that’s 36% less than 2014.   Edmonton has also experienced a drop over the previous year, but the dip is…

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Home owners along the Bow River escarpment in the South East community of McKenzie Lake are a little worried these days.

The hillside behind homes on Mount Alberta View S.E. and Mount Douglas Close S.E. is slowly but surely eroding away, edging closer to the expensive homes which back onto it.

There is no imminent danger to homes in McKenzie Lake, however home owners are concerned that property values will erode along with the escarpment if the issue is not addressed.  That includes potential resale issues.

Calgary city council will be pondering the problem next month.

The erosion, which has resulted in pathway closures on the crest of the embankment on the east side of the Bow River, is not a new problem.  The City…

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Calgary Plus15 - Image Credit: Calgary +15 Skywalk links many of the Downtown buildings with a pedestrian walkway and can provide alternative routes for many different destinations to save time and traffic aggravation. It is a great way to walk for your health and shop at the same time. The original concept was for added protection for pedestrians during in climate weather situations, and for safety issues.

Montreal favoured the underground system as they began the process in 1962. However, the skywalk unit was more favourable because of the high-water table, the cost of excavation, and reproduction of the underground services already in existence. After much debate, during the late 1960s it was decided to be a great idea for Calgary to have the walk above the street levels.

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A recent report from a Calgary urban think tank has examined the pros and cons of inner-city development.

The Smarter Growth Initiative, a collaborative partnership between the Urban Development Institute of Calgary and the Calgary region of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association, suggests that there are more pros.

Up until recently, Calgary has been one of the fastest growing cities in North America.  While housing starts and property turn-overs have decreased in the past year due to slumping oil prices, Calgary’s real estate market has always rebounded to a “boom” economy.

The Smarter Growth Initiative was launched to open the conversation about smart growth, so that Calgary is not only a big city but a livable one.

The report “Raising…

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Blue Star Diner - Bridgeland Breakfast SammyBlue Star Diner sounds like blue ribbon material with customer service and satisfaction. This Eco-friendly establishment is privately owned and has been operational since 2011. Locally grown ingredients are used if possible, and all recyclable items are set aside to help protect Mother Nature. You cannot go wrong with that type of clientele because the diner truly cares about every person who walks through the door.

The Food

To remain healthy, a body needs fresh food. The Diner knows where the food is grown because of the strong connection with its suppliers and local farmers. Traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations of good cooks, and new interesting vegan dishes make the restaurant the place to eat. Curry spice comes from…

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Word of mouth is an excellent way to find renovators, home handymen or contractors. Who better to give you solid advice about a successful experience than someone you know and trust?

The second best way in this age of the Internet and online reviews is through recommendations on websites such as Who to Call.

What is it?

Who to Call is similar to Angie’s List, which is a U.S.-based online directory.  Who to Call, however, is purely local; a Calgary-based online directory with businesses that do home repair and renovations.  Businesses can submit a listing for free but homeowners can post reviews so customers can decide for themselves about who they should call.

The site was started by a Calgary woman who needed some work done around the…

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