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It’s the hottest breakfast spot on Calgary’s north side.

The Brokin’ Yolk on Symon’s Valley Road NW equals any of the trendier coffee and breakfast shops downtown, catering to a largely suburban crowd in the community of Evanston.

Two brothers opened the restaurant recently, bringing 20 years of experience. Their philosophy is that their kitchen is your kitchen, and the Brokin’ Yolk is simply an extension of your home, only their team does the cooking and the dishes afterward.

The brothers source as much of their food and ingredients locally to support the community and the businesses in which they live and work.  Because of their farm-to-table philosophy, they carefully select everything, from the fruits and vegetables, meat, coffee and…

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Just in time to kick Calgary out of the winter-blahs.  Even though our winter hasn’t been as blah as some.

The annual Calgary Home and Garden Show hits Stampede Park next weekend and as usual it promises to be educational as well as inspirational.  There will be 650 exhibitors in hand this year, showcasing the latest in home renovation, both interior and exterior, as well as what’s new in landscaping and gardening.  This year they’re bringing in food trucks to add to the food offerings at Stamped Park, ready to feed the 60,000 visitors expected to come through the gate during the four-day show.

This year there will be an entire home on display for people to walk through.  The home, complete with a garage, will offer ideas and inspiration on…

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Urban sociologists study the way cities work. Through their work at major universities, they consult with municipalities, developers and community leaders to help shape the urban world in which a great many of us live.  Many have given great thought to the dynamics that either contribute to a vibrant downtown core or spell its death.  You may be surprised as to what they have to say about Calgary.

How did downtowns evolve?

The idea that a city even needs a central core is perhaps outdated at best.   Once upon a time when a town or city was built there were three things that took place in the middle of it all.  Government, commerce and religious gatherings (think of the world’s most grand cathedrals). Downtown wasn’t where the people lived.

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Selling and moving someplace cheaper in your later years.  You wouldn’t be the first person to think about it.  In fact many people of retirement age have cashed in, selling their expensive Calgary home with plenty of equity built up and moving to places like Vancouver Island.

There are many places in Canada where real estate costs less, the lifestyle is slow and more affordable and the retirement grass is pretty green.  As real estate prices in Calgary start to drop, one painful percentage point every week it seems, you may be thinking of making the move and starting Chapter 3 of Your Life So Far.

Moving away from Calgary where you can get more for your money makes a lot of sense financially.  But there are other considerations that should be…

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