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A new public school under construction in the South West neighbourhood of Springbank Hill is well on its way to meet a target opening date of September 2017.  So it was high time that the Calgary Board of Education gave it a name – Griffith Woods School.

This will also be a designed school for the nearby Calgary neighbourhood of Discovery Ridge, so the school name will be familiar to students in this neighbourhood which is where Griffith Woods Park is located.

Origins of the name

Wilbur and Betty Griffith were residents of Springbank, a large semi-rural community on the west side of Calgary in the MD of Rocky View.  The eastern portion of Springbank was expropriated to the City, creating the present day neighbourhoods of Springbank Hill and…

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Perhaps you’re one of countless Calgarians that have upgraded your router because you have so many wireless devices in your home.

Think of it.  Each family member, likely over the age of 13, has a phone reliant upon Wi-Fi to keep data costs down.  The kids have school laptops, you stream movies from your smart TV while someone is chasing online bad guys in a barely-approved of video game upstairs and yet another child is playing some new tunes on Spotify.  Not to mention the simultaneous Facebook chats or Snapchat convos.  That’s a crazy number of devices reliant on a wireless signal originating somewhere in your home.

Some industry experts think we don’t need to rely on wireless signals so heavily especially for fixed technology such as desktop…

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Did you know that there are a million registered vehicles on the streets of Calgary?  That’s a crazy number of cars, trucks, SUVs and mini-vans on the road, and of course, all one million of these vehicles need parking spots.  We love to drive but hate looking for parking.  If you’re shopping for a condo and have one or more cars, adequate parking is just as important as the number of bathrooms.  Here’s what you might expect when considering a purchase in a multi-family development or condo tower:

In a parking lot or underground

Condo and townhome developments on the outer fringes of Calgary and suburban neighbourhoods most often have a parking lot, also called surface parking, which is not as secure as underground parking which is typically…

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