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No matter what community you choose to buy a home in, chances are you’re close to one of our city’s fine off-leash parks.  In fact, there are 150 designated areas throughout the City of Calgary that are deemed off-leash.  This means you can let your dog run, as long and it’s under your control.  Bear in mind that these are not specifically dog parks – they are regular parks where dogs can be off-leash so there is a distinction.  The City doesn’t actually have a dog-only park; however there is space in the South East near Elliston Park operated by the Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers.

Good off-leash ambassadors

Because the park space is shared with humans and dogs alike, the City of Calgary has instituted an ambassador program to help citizens who…

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Many Calgary seniors still driving today likely got their driver’s license at a time when driving texts weren't yet invented and a $5 bill was all you needed for a permit.   Some may have driven without incident their entire lives and may feel they are still perfectly safe behind the wheel.  Next to selling their home, giving up driving could mean giving up valued independence, and an argument with a loved one could be the only thing standing in the way of family members taking away the keys.

When driving skills decline

It’s not unusual for driving acumen to decline when folks are in their mid-60s, and according to statistics, Canadian drivers aged 70 plus are second only to teenage boys as likely to have a collision. They are careful, polite,…

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There have been many highs and lows during the 104 years that the Calgary Stampede has been around.  This might be one of the low years but that doesn’t deter folks from cutting lose and enjoying the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.  Calgarians work together and that’s why the Calgary Stampede has plenty of options for people to get the most value of out the next ten days.

Here are the best values for Calgarians at the 2016 Calgary Stampede:

Suncor Family Day

The early bird gets the worm and this year is no different.  This first Sunday of Stampede, July 10, here’s what you can expect at Family Day:

  • Everyone gets in free between 6:00 am and 9:00 am.
  • The first 20,000 folks through the turnstiles can enjoy a free breakfast, also…

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