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Have you ever watched a house in your neighbourhood being renovated and you can just tell that it’s not being done well?  It’s excellent fodder for reality TV personality Mike Holmes, but a house that’s been renovated either cheaply or quickly might turn out to be a lemon.  So, if you’re a buyer, take precautions before that amazing deal goes sour.

What is a flip?

A home that is purchased, renovated and put back on the market in short order is a flip.  These homes can be problematic because they are often given a cosmetic facelift without regard to good workmanship.  The individuals or companies that flip homes capitalize on the potential buyer’s lack of understanding of what’s behind the walls.  If it looks shiny and new it might hide the fact…

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How do you attract buyers and get the most money possible as quickly as possible?  Without digging too deep into it, let’s just said it usually starts with the price. 

When a buyer is looking for a home, they generally start with a price range.  That’s how they determine which properties they want to look at. 

The price of your home is set by the seller as advised by a real estate professional but in all honesty, the value is determined by the buyer.  It can be a hard pill to swallow, especially in the current market in Calgary.  It’s important to keep emotion out of it because it can cloud your judgement and you may just overprice your home.  Which can mean that your goals of attracting buyers, getting the most money and selling quickly may not…

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The lake community of Mahogany in Calgary’ deep South East has already won awards, as best new community. The developers have also chosen award winning builders to participate in the creation of the community.  At final build out, years down the road, this young neighbourhood will be home to nearly 27, 000 people.  Yet, community stakeholders are working diligently to create a neighbourhood where small town values are embraced and embodied.  One such development from Jayman Homes in Mahogany, is about to do just that.

What is Westman Village

Westman Village is a community within a community and promises to be a place for all people.  Young, old, single, families and everything in between.  The first thing to be constructed will be The Village…

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