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Congrats on your new home!  Now comes the fun part – buying furniture for it.  You might be tempted to run from store to store and pick out a couch, pick out a table, buy a painting you think might fit your wall and so forth. But hunting and pecking for furniture is for chickens.  There is a better way.

Start With A Plan

Your home wasn’t built room by room.  It was built with the end in mind, carefully measured, constructed and finished.  Planning each room from top to bottom will help make sure you have a cohesive approach to your furniture.  Plan what goes on in each room you are furnishing.  Get in with a great furniture store that has a design staff that will help you plan.  Some good Calgary furniture stores have designers that will come to…

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With so much inventory available in the apartment sector of Calgary’s real estate market, first-time buyers have affordability and selection – a winning combination.

It’s a silver-lining in the skiffs of cloud hovering over Calgary these days.  It’s not only apartments that are proving to be solutions for affordable housing for new buyers but units in all types of multi-family housing developments that are helping people get a toe-hold into real estate.  The new mortgage rules that are forcing buyers with less than a 20% down payment to qualify at higher interest rates will also force some to choose homes at lower price points.  Disappointing perhaps to those people who in theory can afford more but certainly good news for sellers trying to shift…

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The sales figures for luxury homes are defying the odds.  So far in 2016, the number of homes priced over $1 million has exceeded 2015 sales by 30%, a very interesting statistic considering our current economic climate.

So far, 428 luxury homes have changed hands in Calgary this year, besting 2015 sales of 329 by 99 homes.  It’s a small number considering there was a total of 14,000 transactions between January and August in Calgary which is 3% of the market.  It’s the sheer fact that sales have increased that is a positive sign.

Some might even say that the uptick might be a comeback after sales dropped abruptly in 2014 when Calgary’s energy hub truly started to feel the impact of falling oil prices

Part of the reason for the small rebound in…

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