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Wild Rose Brewery in Calgary, Alberta

When local beer is the topic of conversation in Alberta, Wild Rose Brewery is one of the first to be mentioned. This Calgary business started in 1996 with the dream of two local entrepreneurs, Alan Yule and Mike Tymchuk. These two men sought to see local brews "in the hands of Albertans," and from there, dream became reality and Wild Rose Brewery was born.

The Unique Beginnings of Wild Rose Brewery

Wild Rose Brewery's success is due in part to their friendly approach, but most importantly their unique tasting beers. The beer that goes into each bottle is of the highest quality and is kept consistent with the use of their Wild Rose Brewery lab. The company is proud to use "authentic craft brewing techniques like single and small batch brewing"…

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Should You Buy a Condo or Single Family Home?The decision to buy a condo can be a tough one. When is it time to buy? Which is better for you: a house or a condo? Are condos a good investment? For many homeowners, these answers are not always clear. Having information about the pros and cons of buying a condo and how condo ownership compares to single family homeownership can help buyers decide if buying a condo is worth it.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a financial advisor before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Condo Ownership vs. Homeownership

A condo is a single unit in a building or community of condos. Typically, condos resemble apartments, but sometimes condos look like townhouses or even individual houses. Condo ownership differs from…

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The Best Seasonal Events in Calgary

Home to over 1.2 million people, 50,000 businesses, and just over 1 hour away from the Rocky Mountains, Calgary is a thriving place to visit for ultimate enjoyment. The weather in Calgary is constantly changing, a fact often joked about by the locals, and regardless of the time of year, there is always some form of entertainment for locals and visitors.

Calgary is ripe with activities and events like local markets, cultural festivals, themed events or city-wide happenings. There is unlimited opportunity for you to engage with the city at any time of year. Visit Calgary and see what the city has to offer you!

Visiting Calgary in Summer (June – August)

From June until August, summer shines down on Calgary. These beautiful months are one of…

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Fresh Coat of Paint for ListingThe common wisdom is that you should go for neutral colours everywhere when trying to sell your home. Interior walls should be white to avoid putting someone off with a disagreeable colour. Rentals are painted white for this reason, right? However, Consumer Reports research on house colours and selling prices show that the common wisdom may just be wrong.

Exterior Colours and Curb Appeal

Buyers can come to a conclusion about a house in less than a minute. The curb appeal of an exterior paint colour can make up more than half of that first impression. This is why a fresh coat of paint in a colour that appeals to them can make all the difference in the chance at a quick sale. 

An exterior painted in shades of tan, gray or white can…

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Local Businesses Supporting Charity in CalgaryLocal Laundry is a clothing retail store that wants Calgary residents to be proud of where they come from, to share their stories with the community, and to join them in having a positive social impact on local charitable and non-profit organizations. Every month Local Laundry donates 10 per cent of its profits to causes chosen by its customers. Recently, the company has committed to only selling made-in-Canada clothing, to support the Canadian manufacturing market and its labour force.

With an agenda that is community focused, Local Laundry is experiencing success as both a retailer and as social engineers. Connor Curran, Chief Laundry Folder, explains, "Everyone has embraced us with open arms, including other small businesses, influencers,…

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Tips for a Better Home InspectionThe vast majority of home buyers make their offer contingent on the property passing an inspection. However, home inspections may not only vary from neighborhood to neighborhood but also from inspector to inspector. Someone purchasing a home who understands the main objectives of each inspection will have a better chance of getting the information they need to make a decision than those don't.

Exterior Elements

Home inspectors will examine the outside of the house to get a better idea of its stability and overall condition. From major structural damage to flaking paint, a good inspector will note it all in their report. Even if the home hasn't sustained blunt trauma or force, the foundation or structure may have shifted over time. Inspectors…

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