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Lose your job? Don't lose your home! Losing your job can be devastating, particularly if your mortgage payment takes a significant portion of your pay cheque.

And if your partner is still employed, paying your mortgage can be tough when your total household income is suddenly cut in half. According to a recent study by Manulife, four in 10 homeowners couldn't last three months if they were laid off from work. But, take heart – you do have options!

Take Inventory

First, write out a list of whatever money you do have coming in or whatever funds you have in savings. Then take inventory of your monthly expenses. Prioritize your bills, with your mortgage payment at the top of your list. Consider your mortgage payment as part of your living…

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The Best September Events in Calgary

It is time to face the facts, summer is fleeting and fall is right around the corner… September 23rd to be exact! And with the passing of summer also comes the time to get back to work and send the kids to school once again. It is this month that is filled with organization, preparing, and planning for the inevitable return. Although our schedules will become filled with task-focused things to do, there is still plenty of fun and excitement to take part in that will keep the post-summer-blues away and celebrate the coming of fall!

September is the perfect time to pack your rain jacket, grab a warm beverage, and explore the city! The leaves on the trees in the city parks turn a beautiful shade of red and orange, and the weather is still warm enough…

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Business Spotlight for Intelligently Nourished in Calgary

Intelligently Nourished Serves Up Adventures in Vegan Desserts

Calgary's entrepreneurs are known for their ingenuity, as evidenced by Carol Pierce, owner of Intelligently Nourished. When she, like so many others, were laid off during the energy downturn, Pierce turned her baking talents into a business — but she didn't create just any bakeshop. She created a company that delivers vegan baking kits so Calgarians can eat healthfully while still indulging in sumptuous desserts.

"I am a professionally trained chef and spent several years working as a pastry chef for restaurants and hotels long before I began working in the energy industry. While I still use many of the skills learned during those years, my focus is on creating whole food,…

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Where Are the Best Breweries in Calgary?

The famous beverage made from a combination of water, barley, hops, and yeast is one Canadians have come to crave and love!

There are infinite types and flavours available from around the globe, yet it is the experience of the drink that truly makes "beer good." In order to get "good beer," you do not need to travel to Germany or the beer capital of the world, Milwaukee. Instead, there are amazing local beers right here in Calgary! Finding unique and local brews is easy, as the city is fortunate to have had a surge of award-winning Calgary breweries popping up. Looking for a new brew? Take a look at these favoured Calgary breweries and see what they are doing to make your beer-drinking experience better!

Annex Ale Project

Home to a 10-barrel…

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Business Spotlight: California Closets

California Closets provides custom closets, organizers and home storage systems for any room in your home. It's a brand that general manager Jennifer Van Teeling is proud to be associated with.

"I loved that it was a recognizable brand with local ties," she says of her decision to join the company. "The Alberta business is locally owned and operated, and most of our products are sourced in Calgary, in Alberta, or in Canada. There was so much opportunity and there still is. The business has grown so much in the nearly 15 years I have been a part of it. Even back then I could see the possibilities. It started off as a small business with a handful of employees, and a small shop with under $500,000 in sales. We have grown to over 40 employees, a large…

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What Parking Options Are Available in Calgary?Did you know that there are a million registered vehicles on the streets of Calgary? That's a crazy number of cars, trucks, SUVs and mini-vans on the road, and of course, all one million of these vehicles need parking spots. We love to drive but hate looking for parking. If you're shopping for a condo and have one or more cars, adequate parking is just as important as the number of bathrooms. Here's what you might expect when considering a purchase in a multi-family development or condo tower:

In A Parking Lot Or Underground

Condo and townhome developments on the outer fringes of Calgary and suburban neighbourhoods most often have a parking lot, also called surface parking, which is not as secure as underground parking which is typically…

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Kitchen Renovation Information for Home Buyers Seeking High ROIHome renovations, particularly kitchen renovations, can increase a home's value dramatically. The highest ROI kitchen renovations are the ones that are relatively affordable but that make a big impact on home buyers. If you're a homeowner who is thinking about selling your home sometime in the next year, these kitchen changes can increase the value of your home.

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls makes the kitchen look new, fresh and fabulous. In recent years, white has been a very popular colour in kitchens. White brightens the space while making it look larger and cleaner. If white is not a desirable colour for the homeowner, then the best bet is to paint the walls in neutral colours, as these tend to be the most universally appreciated by home…

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