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Where are the Greenest Cities in North America?

Greening a city isn't just good press. According to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, a more climate-conscious city supports economic growth by creating jobs, increasing property values, and improving public health factors such as better disease outcomes. By committing to improving air and water quality, cities can reduce their residents' exposure to harmful pollutants. Designing more green spaces can welcome cooler summers, reduce the risk of heat-related illness; and bring forth additional recreation spaces to the community, increasing opportunities for both physical activity and social engagement.

New Construction Real Estate in Calgary

New construction homes are often built with much higher standards for insulation and energy…

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Things to Do When You Move Into a New HomeClosing on a new home is an exciting time. For many, submitting closing costs when buying a home can feel like reaching the end of a long and often stressful period. Still, before new buyers take their foot off the gas, there are some critical items to address. It's often tempting to dive into the fun side of making a new property feel more like home, but getting several important tasks checked off first is vital.

Change the Locks

Safety first! Changing locks on your new home is a great way to establish security in your new home. Suppose you have purchased a property in a complex. In that case, the multi-family residential security solutions may have already sorted this out for you, as encrypted authentication access codes are typically reset…

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