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Ottawa city buildings and Rideau canal from Mackenzie King bridge during sunset

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Written by: Elizabeth Jackson

Some small North American cities are punching far above their weight when it comes to nurturing startups, innovative talent, and emerging tech businesses. These small cities' low cost of living, proximity to major research universities, and investment from city officials push them to the forefront of the tech scene. examined data compiled by commercial real estate firm CBRE Group to find small cities and metro areas that have become tech hubs in recent years. Each city or metro area had to have 1 million or fewer workers to be included. To be considered a tech hub in the study, markets had to have a high number of college graduates, a large millennial population, and be…

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How to Choose the Right Home Security CamerasWhen you purchase a new property, you need to focus on home security, whether you're buying as an investor or a homeowner. Most types of home security systems integrate seamlessly with interior and exterior cameras, providing around-the-clock peace of mind no matter where you are. Keep reading as we dive into the steps and best practices you should take when selecting security cameras for your property.

Perform A Security Audit

When investing in home security, you need to have a basic understanding of your security needs and your vulnerabilities.

To perform a security audit, you need to take the following steps:

Locate Valuable Assets

Your property could house many valuable assets, ranging from servers with client data to expensive…

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