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Life Insurance ResearchAfter months of house hunting, you’ve just bought your first home, and you’re over the moon about it. Finally, a place you can call your own! But before you can get settled, you need to get a few things in order—namely, your insurance.

What would happen if you passed away before your mortgage was paid off? Who would be responsible for those payments? If you have a family, you might worry that they could default on the mortgage, and suddenly have no place to live.

To find the best life insurance policy in Canada, it pays to do your research first. There are a few different types of insurance to brush up on before you make your decision. We’ve put together this guide to help new homeowners in Calgary find a policy that meets their needs:


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Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate AgentYou've been saving for a down payment, planning to buy your first home, and now it's time to pick a real estate agent. As a homebuyer, you want to pick a fair and honest agent and protect your financial interests. Buying a home is likely one of the largest investments you'll make, and it's important to choose a real estate agent whom you can trust to get the job done right, with your best interests in mind.

When choosing a real estate agent, here are 10 questions that you should ask them before you sign on the dotted line.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What Homebuyers Should Ask Their Agents

  1. How long have you been in real…

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Types of MortgagesLooking to buy a new home? Buying a home is a big financial commitment. Potential homebuyers must understand what's involved with getting a mortgage. For example, there are different rates, amortization periods, and potential penalties to consider. Discussing options with a mortgage broker or bank is a good starting point. Which one is the best? Well, it all depends. Here's a brief overview of the different types of mortgages and how they differ from each other.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage or home loan professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Types of Mortgages

Open Mortgage

Lets buyers pay off debt whenever they want, without what's known as a prepayment penalty. This…

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Calgary's Cost of LivingThe cost of living in Canada is measured by Statistics Canadaʼs Consumer Price Index (CPI), or inflation rate, which indicates changes in consumer prices. The CPI is one of the most important indicators because it is used nationally and calculated monthly and annually. The CPI is calculated by many different indicators such as food, transportation, and housing. However, this overview will focus on household income, housing prices, and provincial income tax rates as indicators to determine Calgary's cost.

Calgary has just over 1.5 million people, making it the fourth-largest city in Canada, following Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. In relation to these cities, measured by the indicators mentioned above, Calgarians enjoy a lower cost of living. Read…

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Water in all the wrong places can be a horrible nightmare for any homeowner. Not only does it damage your home, but it can also cause a variety of health problems.

The bad news is that water seepage and dampness are impossible to avoid, especially during heavy rainfall and winter. No one can predict a storm or hurricane from happening. But what about other sources of moisture such as leaky pipes, cracks in the foundation, and malfunctioning appliances? The good news is that you can prevent the latter by waterproofing your home. 

Waterproofing means making a surface water-resistant or inaccessible by liquids. Without any water seeping through, your home will be much more durable. There are a lot of waterproofing techniques, but it all depends on your…

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House Viewing EtiquetteWhen looking for a new home, you can go on several open house sessions and tiresome viewings. The team at compiled the following fundamental tips to complement our first-time buyer strategies.

Communication between both sides is key to finding a property that makes you happy. Ongoing talks, negotiation, and working with real estate professionals and sellers all boils down to house viewing etiquette. 

People who list the property for an open house viewing are courteous and will make every effort to charm attendees. Hopefully, with the proper home that fills the prospective buyer's needs,  the customers to purchase real estate.

However, as the one to buy, you should also act appropriately. To build your positive image at an open…

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High-ROI Home ImprovementsWhen selling, every homeowner needs to know the current value of their home in the market if they intend to get top dollar. This can be achieved through extensive personal research or hiring a professional real estate appraiser or knowledgeable real estate agent. Investing money into a home can increase the value, but knowing which areas of the house to invest in for the biggest impact will help ensure that the money finds its way back into the seller's wallet.

Determining which improvements are the best to invest in depends on how long the seller plans to spend on the home before selling. Does it need to look good for current buyers? Will efficiency upgrades have long enough to benefit the current owner's bills? Or perhaps the improvements are…

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What Life is Like in CalgaryWhen you think of Calgary, you likely think of the energy capital of Canada, the Calgary Stampede, and the Rocky Mountains. Set in the foothills of the mountains, Calgary is a diverse city with a high quality of life. Boasting the slogan “Be part of the energy,” you can expect a bold and lively city. Read on to learn more about what makes the Calgary lifestyle amazing.

What Makes Calgary One of Most Livable Cities?

Calgarians are often regarded as entrepreneurial, educated, and community-focused. You can expect lots of activity, as many Calgarians participate in outdoor recreation and sports with the mountains so close. The sunshine, vibrancy, and hustle and bustle eagerly welcomes all visitors and residents.

Calgary Lifestyle

Calgary is a…

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How to Take Care of Your Calgary HomeRegular home maintenance is important.

Homeowners that ignore this crucial activity can face expensive repairs and damage over time. Things like a leaking roof or damaged plumbing equipment can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to fix, sometimes all in one shot. Each year, homeowners should plan to spend between 1 and 5% of their propertyʼs value in maintenance and upgrades. By implementing a regular home maintenance schedule, homeowners can avoid unexpected expenses.

Depending on the season, maintenance and upgrade costs will vary. To prepare, homeowners can create a home maintenance calendar checklist. To help, here is a quick seasonal guide to identify key tasks to be done throughout the year.

For informational purposes only.…

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Why You Should Hire a Real Estate AgentBuying or selling a home is a big investment, financially and emotionally. While For Sale By Owner (FSBO) may seem cheaper, there are many benefits to hiring a real estate agent that you miss out on when managing the sale on your own. Overall, real estate agents aid in the reduction of stress throughout the whole process. Hiring a real estate agent also gives you the advantage of selling your home competently and professionally.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use a real estate agent when buying or selling a house:

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Market Timing

Real estate agents know the housing market, and they know the best time…

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