A Short Guide to Lighting Each Room of Your Home

A Room-by-Room Lighting GuideHow an owner lights the many rooms of their home is usually pre-determined by the original lighting at the time of purchase. However, this passive approach can end up having a major impact on how each resident feels about their time within the home. It can even be a safety hazard if the lighting interferes with the visibility of the rooms. Good lighting within a home also helps sell the home - especially in winter. For a better idea of how to approach lighting, keep these tips in mind to banish the dangerous shadows.

Main Rooms

Whether it's a family room, living room, or den, these rooms are often the most used in any home. And because they're places where people tend to congregate, the rooms can be used in multiple ways from morning to night. So whether people are playing a board game, reading a book, or watching a movie, they'll need different lighting to get the most out of each activity.

That's why experts recommend layering the lighting as much as possible. Valance, concealed cove, suspension. or accent lights can all help with the distribution of lighting. They also cast vertical lines that can make the ceiling look larger than it is.


From half to three quarters to full, people need to be able to see clearly when in the washroom. It's not only a place where make-up is applied and razor blades are used, but all of the water spilling on tile can make for dangerous conditions. Experts recommend mounting extra lights near the mirror as a way to help people get the best possible reflection of themselves and to ward off potential slips and falls. For smaller bathrooms, consider putting a fixture on the opposite wall of the mirror. Working with the space around the mirror can potentially eliminate the need for overhead lighting entirely.


Bedrooms aren't just a place where people try to relax from their busy days, it's also the place where people rummage through closets, button their shirts, and search for their favorite pair of earrings. If the lighting is too dim, it's going to frustrate residents on a daily basis.

Set up overhead lighting over the wardrobe or position a nightstand and lamp near the jewelry box. Reading lights and dimmer switches are a great idea for bedrooms because they allow people the ambiance they want and visibility when they need it. Keep lights pointed away from the bed to get the best possible look for the bedroom.

Cooking Areas

Knives, electrical appliances, and plenty of water are all potential safety hazards in the kitchen. Cutting down on risks starts with finding lighting that will keep the shadows at bay.

Experts recommend choosing T5 linear fluorescent lighting as a way to get maximum brightness in a kitchen. LED lighting can also be a smart choice, but homeowners should be careful because LED may cast shadows throughout the room. Under cabinet lighting can also come in handy for those who want to ensure that everything stays organized and easy to find. Kitchens are a great place to unwind at night too, so consider installing dimmer switches to improve the mood when residents of Cougar Ridge homes are just trying to have a relaxing cup of tea.

Lighting can play an instrumental role in how residents feel about the place where they live, which is why overlooking it can be detrimental for everyone. It only takes a few tweaks to increase both the mood and the safety of everyone inside.

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