Attraction Spotlight: Lake Louise Ski Resort

Lake Louise Ski Resort is one of the biggest resorts in all of North America. The scenery is spectacular and the terrain is absolutely beautiful. The wilderness will inspire you due to how pristine it is.


This legendary resort located right in the heart of Banff National Park. They offer world class terrains and so much more. With over 4000 skiable acres, those who love skiing will never get bored. You can literally be on the powder all day. You can come alone or you can bring your entire family.

The layout is suitable for all skiers no matter what their age or experience level. If you are a beginner you will have access to quite a few gentle slopes. This will allow you to practice before hitting the bigger slopes. For all the experts out there, you will be able to ski until your heart is content on some of the most challenging terrain in the Rockies.

Lake Louis Ski Resort offers much more than just skiing. There is also shopping, dining, a gift shop and so much more. If you need ski lessons, you can find them here, as well. You will be taught by a certified and well trained instructor.

Bring the Kids

With a licensed daycare on site you can go enjoy the slopes, while your child is properly taken care of and enjoys a little fun. Your child will be able to listen to music, colour, paint and even do a little skiing with an expert snow skiing instructor. The daycare accepts children between the ages of 18 days all the way up to 6 years old.

Summer at the Resort

During the summer months they offer a sightseeing cruise that lasts 14 minutes. You will get to explore more of the area while on this cruise. Sightseeing starts in May and closes down in September.

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