Attraction Spotlight: Weaselhead Flats

Get outdoors and experience nature at Calgary’s Weaselhead Flats. It’s a 237 hectare natural environment park featuring trails, recreation, wildlife and beautiful views. Located on the west end of the Glenmore Rervoir, the park connects South Glenmore Park and North Glenmore Park. The Weaselhead Flats is one of residents’ favourite ways to experience nature, wildlife and get some exercise. Here is a look at what you’ll get to see at Weaselhead Flats.

About Weaselhead Flats

The park formed in the early 1980s occupying 237 hectares. It’s at the mouth of the Elbow River in the southwest part of the city. While the origin of the name is uncertain, most believe it was named after the Tsuu T’ina Chief Weaselhead who was in power at the time of European contact.

The park is open from 5am-11pm daily and is located at 66th Avenue and 37th Street SW.

Visiting Weaselhead

The natural environment park closed after a flood in 2013 when a number of undetonated explosives were uncovered. The park is safe now but warning signs have been placed to alert users to the possibility of explosives.

The explosives were remnants of training conducted by the Canadian Armed Forces from 1908 to 1998 and the flooding caused the Flats to close for six months. The only potential remnants would be in non-designated areas making trails completely safe.

Visitors love to check out the hiking trails, walk the pathways and check out the wildlife. In the winter, the park is popular for cross-country skiing. There are seasonal washrooms and water fountains.


You’ll get to delve into the delta since the Elbow River flows into the Glenmore Reservoir causing depositing sand and gravel. There is bars, channels and marsh areas with a unique variety of plants and animals. Plus the park has the largest stands of coniferous forest in the city.

Plant life includes the dominant White Spruce forest with deciduous forest on the flats and valley walls. You’ll see Balsam Poplar, Trembling Aspen and Sandbar Willows. There are a range of birds and wildlife like Tundra Swans and Common Loons. Check out the Red and White-winged Crossbills, hummingbirds, and Black Bears.

Visit the popular Weaselhead Flats in Calgary to enjoy nature and get outdoors.

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