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Sold sign in front of a house in a residential neighborhood.

Sundry Photography // Shutterstock

Written by: Dom DiFurio

When snowbirds descend on the United States, where do they roost? examined data from the National Association of Realtors' 2022 International Transactions in U.S. Residential Real Estate report to see where Canadians are buying the most homes in the United States.

In the U.S., foreign buyers purchased 98,600 homes between April 2021 and March 2022, making up 1.6% of all 6 million existing-home sales. These buyers are in three groups: non-U.S. citizens who have permanent residences outside the U.S.; non-U.S. citizens who immigrated less than two years before the time of the purchase; and nonimmigrant visa holders who live in the U.S. for more than six months of the year…

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Wooden stair banister looking into a converted loft.

Nick Beer // Shutterstock

Written by: Jane Allison Gunn

Remote work has changed the nature of cities' downtowns. Once-bustling office towers see much less foot traffic as more companies have gone remote or hybrid, allowing employees more flexibility to work from home. Central-city housing is expensive—and homes in the suburbs aren't much cheaper.

In many cities, developers and officials alike are looking to convert offices and other types of commercial buildings into housing. This effort, called "adaptive reuse," is growing faster than new apartment construction in the U.S.

Former office buildings are of particular interest—of every five apartments converted, two used to be offices, per RentCafe. The trend has room to accelerate because…

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Aerial of a suburban neighborhood.

TDKvisuals // Shutterstock

Written by: Dom DiFurio

North American markets have been rocked by several economic swings in recent years, not least of which include fluctuating housing market. In the wake of record-breaking home sale prices, an emerging housing correction now threatens to knock tens of thousands from home values across the U.S. and Canada. compiled data on average home sale prices from the Canadian Real Estate Association and Redfin to understand how the slowing housing market is playing out across North America, examining housing data for the five biggest metros in the U.S. and Canada. Values for Canadian home prices are in Canadian dollars; U.S. home prices are in U.S. dollars.

At the start of this year, the U.S.…

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Ottawa city buildings and Rideau canal from Mackenzie King bridge during sunset

Aqnus Febriyant // Shutterstock

Written by: Elizabeth Jackson

Some small North American cities are punching far above their weight when it comes to nurturing startups, innovative talent, and emerging tech businesses. These small cities' low cost of living, proximity to major research universities, and investment from city officials push them to the forefront of the tech scene. examined data compiled by commercial real estate firm CBRE Group to find small cities and metro areas that have become tech hubs in recent years. Each city or metro area had to have 1 million or fewer workers to be included. To be considered a tech hub in the study, markets had to have a high number of college graduates, a large millennial population, and be…

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How to Choose the Right Home Security CamerasWhen you purchase a new property, you need to focus on home security, whether you're buying as an investor or a homeowner. Most types of home security systems integrate seamlessly with interior and exterior cameras, providing around-the-clock peace of mind no matter where you are. Keep reading as we dive into the steps and best practices you should take when selecting security cameras for your property.

Perform A Security Audit

When investing in home security, you need to have a basic understanding of your security needs and your vulnerabilities.

To perform a security audit, you need to take the following steps:

Locate Valuable Assets

Your property could house many valuable assets, ranging from servers with client data to expensive…

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The best Halloween Events in Calgary

In only a few short weeks, we will be surrounded by goblins, ghouls, witches, cats, and pumpkins! The holiday of spooks and scares has finally arrived, and the anticipation can be felt throughout Calgary! If Halloween is your favourite time of year and a good ghost story or jump scare puts a smile on your face, you will not want to miss out on any of the following events this October. You'll also need a costume, so we'll provide some of the best places to shop and find inspiration. Take a look at the spookiest Halloween events in Calgary, and scare in the season of fright with events that will make your heart race faster!

Ghoul's Night Out: October 28-30

Calgary's Heritage Park hosts Ghoul's Night Out, featuring brand-new events this…

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The Quebec skyline at sunset


Written by Elizabeth Jackson

Canada is a geographically vast country, made up of 10 provinces, each with its own unique characteristics. Some are known for their urban metropolises, others for their natural beauty and wilderness. Still, others are a blend of both. Some provinces are home to younger people and families, while others have a greater demographic mix.

And these factors may influence what types of homes in which people in these provinces choose to live. Apartments were most common nationwide, making up more than half of the units, while single-family homes made up at least 1 in 4. Often trailing behind these are row houses, which share common walls with other units, and semi-detached homes, duplex units often called semis,…

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Home Improvement Projects For Pros, Not DIYThere's a lot to be said about DIY home improvement projects—they're usually cheaper, give you more creative freedom, and can make your home look great. Yet, there are a handful of projects that you shouldn't take on unless you have a deep background in construction and design. Instead, reach out to a contractor or designer to help create the perfect final product. From painting your home's exterior to installing new flooring or plumbing, some things are best left to the contractors and interior design experts. By attempting to make these renovations on your own, you could put your home and health at risk.

In this article, we'll quickly explain just a few home improvement projects that you should outsource to people who know what they're doing.

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Where are the Greenest Cities in North America?

Greening a city isn't just good press. According to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, a more climate-conscious city supports economic growth by creating jobs, increasing property values, and improving public health factors such as better disease outcomes. By committing to improving air and water quality, cities can reduce their residents' exposure to harmful pollutants. Designing more green spaces can welcome cooler summers, reduce the risk of heat-related illness; and bring forth additional recreation spaces to the community, increasing opportunities for both physical activity and social engagement.

New Construction Real Estate in Calgary

New construction homes are often built with much higher standards for insulation and energy…

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Things to Do When You Move Into a New HomeClosing on a new home is an exciting time. For many, submitting closing costs when buying a home can feel like reaching the end of a long and often stressful period. Still, before new buyers take their foot off the gas, there are some critical items to address. It's often tempting to dive into the fun side of making a new property feel more like home, but getting several important tasks checked off first is vital.

Change the Locks

Safety first! Changing locks on your new home is a great way to establish security in your new home. Suppose you have purchased a property in a complex. In that case, the multi-family residential security solutions may have already sorted this out for you, as encrypted authentication access codes are typically reset…

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