Avoid These Top 5 Selling Mistakes

If you're thinking about putting a Calgary home on the market in the near future there are five important selling mistakes that you'll need to avoid. When you know what they are you'll be able to watch as a smoother and faster sale transpires right in front of your eyes!

1. Inflating the price

If you have a nice home, condo or townhouse, it's easy to think that your home is the best in the area and deserves a higher listing price. Unfortunately, potential buyers may not have the same viewpoint and will often only see your house as being sold at an inflated price. Your real estate agent will give you a realistic selling price and if you go much over it you may be asking for trouble.

2. Not fully understanding the selling process

This is a process and you'll need to stay in tight communication with your real estate agent during it. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask them. These unanswered questions can act as a stop in the selling process whether you realize it or not.

3. Not disclosing everything

If you are having a personal or financial situation that you feel your real estate agent should know about it's important to tell him about it. You may be working on different wavelengths and this is never a positive thing when you're trying to sell such a high ticket item.

4. Misrepresenting your home

If there have been problems in your home in the past you must let your real estate agent know about them upfront. In most cases they will be discovered later anyway and at that point in time they are much harder to deal with.

5. Not following advice

When you're working with a real estate agent you need to trust him fully to make the best decisions for you. You have hired this agent to work on your behalf because of his experience and level of expertise. There are reasons behind all of his marketing choices for selling your property and you should be following them explicitly.

If you're ever wondering why something is done in a specific way, give your agent a call. Don't start doing anything different on the advice of friends or family. They aren't aware of the latest Calgary market trends and may be giving advice that could damage or hinder the sale of your property.

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