Best Calgary Tobogganing Hills by Difficulty

Best Calgary Tobogganing Hills

The wind whipping through your hair, the chilly snow biting at your cheeks, and that free exhilarating feeling as you coast down the toboggan hill... Can you think of a better way to spend time outdoors during winter? We can't!

The next few months are ones guaranteed to have snow, so now is the best time to pull out your toboggans, sleds, magic carpets, GT-racers, saucers, tubes, and lunch trays and hit the slopes! There are a number of parks and hills found throughout Calgary, but only a handful will give you the sledding experience at the level you are seeking. Take a look at the best Calgary tobogganing hills throughout the city sorted by difficulty, and schedule in days of outdoor snowy fun!

NOTE: When sledding, always keep an eye out for potential hazards. Hills that end in trees, roads, pathways, or other obstacles can be dangerous. If you are ever unsure about which hill to sled on, look for the "Safe Sledding" signs or visit sledding hills (mentioned below) that have been maintained and approved by the City of Calgary.

Easy Calgary Tobogganing Hills

Big Marlborough Park

Surrounded by three schools, the Big Marlborough Park is a popular Calgary tobogganing hill for those living nearby. This dry pond location has a parking lot on the west side of the park and a short walk into the greenspace area will show that there is plenty of room for relaxed sledding with friends, family, and groups!


Another sledding hill that doesn't offer any large challenges to young snow bunnies is the Bridlewood dry pond in the southwest of the city. There is no parking lot for this tobogganing hill and area, but side street parking is available alongside the park.

Glendale Park

The Glendale Park tobogganing hill is an easy level that is ideal for parents who want to ensure their kids are sledding in a safe location. There is a small hill on either side of the park which prevents sliders from crashing into things or going off course. This park is always full of snow and is a great, safe option for younger kids looking to get outside!


In the southwest community of Kingsland is one of the city's many well-maintained sledding hills. The hill is located behind the Rose Kohn and Jimmie Condon areas and you can spot it as the only dry pond in the area. Plenty of parking is available and the area has an easy and gradual slope that is ideal for spending the whole day going down the hill fast, and then trudging back up again quickly to go down once more!

Marlborough Community Association

With small hills that roll out onto a wide-open field and baseball diamond, the Marlborough Community Association sledding hill is one that younger children and families can escape the mundane and find excitement on! The entire park, community centre, and surrounding area are fenced in, and parking can be found beside the community association building.

Monterey Park

Right behind the Monterey Community Centre, is another easy tobogganing hill perfect for those living close by in the area. There is no parking available specifically for the park, but parking spaces are accessible at the community centre connected to the Monterey Park School.

Royal Oak

Just north of the Royal Oak School is a city-approved toboggan hill that is fenced off from the community side streets that run alongside it. The hill is an easy level, with some areas easier than others. When the kids are tired of sliding down and climbing back up, there is a playground nearby that can entertain them further!

Intermediate Calgary Tobogganing Hills

Confederation Park

Calgary Tobogganing at Confederation Park

Confederation Park is often where Calgarians go to enjoy nature and get some fresh air! It is also one of the more popular Calgary tobogganing hills in the city. The park has a number of hills of varying difficulties, some simple while others with a steep incline that will send you whizzing down at great speeds! Be aware that some of these hill bases lead towards the paved pathways and the pond in the centre. When tobogganing, always take care to watch for other people while going downhill.

Deerfoot Athletic Park

Located just off of Deerfoot and 16th Avenue is the Deerfoot Athletic Park. This local park is filled with baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and fields for sports during the warmer months. But when the temperature drops and the hill is covered in snow, this is a great medium-sized hill for tobogganing! The parking lot is located on the north side of the park, and a short walk from the car will lead you to the fun!

Hidden Valley

Just beyond the parking lot in Hidden Valley is an outdoor skating rink perfect for playing hockey or learning to skate. And behind the rink is one of Calgary's fantastic tobogganing hills! This popular hill has a steep drop leading into a wide-open greenspace at the bottom. The hill and greenspace are fenced off and there is no danger of accessing Beddington Boulevard from the park. The climb back up can be steep, but there are lower grade pathways along the sides that can help tobogganers make their way back to the top of the hill with less effort.

Maple Ridge

If you want a small slope or a big slope, you can find a wide range of tobogganing levels at the Maple Ridge Toboggan Hill. The U-shaped dry-pond ensures that winter adventurers are not at risk of sliding on to the nearby roads, making this park a sledding-extravaganza all season long!

Calgary Tobogganing in New Brighton

New Brighton

The New Brighton area in the southeast of the city, is another great Calgary tobogganing hill that will give you the snowy thrills you're looking for! North of the designated tobogganing hill are beautiful pathways that lead through the New Brighton Central Park and guide visitors alongside the pond, that always has breathtaking views.

Richmond Green

What used to be the Richmond Green golf course has since been transitioned into a vast greenspace for the public's use. Although there may not be a golf course to play on in this lush park, it is now an approved sledding area for tobogganers! Here you will find hills that are of a medium level as well as some easier slopes.


Another dry pond turned sledding hill is that of Rundle. Within the Rundle area and just behind the Rundle School, is a medium/easy leveled tobogganing hill. There is a parking lot attached to the school, and next to the school you can also find a playground and a baseball diamond.


The dry-pond sledding location of Sacramento found in the southwest of Calgary is yet another hill where tobogganing voyages can be experienced. If you are prepared for the cold, head to the centre of the fenced-in park and find the hill that will send you flying by the playground or, alternatively, on the other side past the baseball diamond.

Calgary Tobogganing at Signal Hill

Signal Hill

With a wide-open field, playground, and baseball diamond, there is plenty to do at the Signal Hill park. In addition to these manicured spaces, the hills within the greenspace area are ones sought after by kids of all ages. It is important to note that the space is not fenced in and runs alongside a road, so be sure you are sledding in the "safe sledding" zone!

Thorncliffe Greenview

Just off of Centre Street and Northmount Drive is a hidden gem where sledding is approved by the city. From the large parking lot of the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association, you can slide right down the hill from where you parked! The hill and greenspace area are fenced in alongside 56th Avenue, and the hill slides down in a U-shape to another hill, preventing tobogganers from going out on to the street on the other side.

Advanced Calgary Tobogganing Hills

McKenzie Towne Hall

Calgary Tobogganing at McKenzie Towne Hall

One of the more advanced sledding hills within residential areas is the McKenzie Towne Hall hill. Identified by the architectural beauty of the limestone arch at the top of the hill, called Elgin Hill, this structure has been standing strong for 100 years from an old building in Calgary that was demolished. Once you arrive at the top, looking back down you can get a great view of where kids slide down the steep hill, cradled between walking paths, and beyond that, residential homes. If you are looking for a sled ride that seems to go on forever, this is one hill to check out!

Prairie Winds Park

Where the waterpark is the main feature in the summer, it is the main hill in Prairie Winds Park that is the highlight in winter! What makes this particular hill stand out among the rest is the assortment of slope sizes found along the hill. There are smaller slopes along the one side of the hill, but of course the main draw is the highest point found on the eastern side which is excellent for racing down. Not a fan of tobogganing? There is a skating rink nearby for those who would prefer to stay on their own two feet!


In Scarboro at the Royal Sunalta Park, you will not only find numerous tennis courts and the Calgary Tennis Club, you will also find a great place to go sledding! The surrounding area of the park is complete with walking paths, playgrounds, picnic benches, and plenty of hills to venture down! The hills vary in size, so can be for those wanting easy/medium slopes as well as those seeking a steeper advanced-level decline. Please note that this area is not fenced off and does face residential cul-de-sac roads, so please use caution when sledding.

St. Andrew's Heights

Calgary Tobogganing at St. Andrews Heights

If you are looking for a long trip down the hill in a sled, St. Andrews Heights is said to be one of the best Calgary tobogganing hills! This hill is located close to the University of Calgary, just off of 13th Avenue and is not only steep, but is considered one of the most "advanced" slopes within the city — known to locals as "Suicide Hill." The area is fenced off at the bottom of the hill and around the proximity of the park, preventing any contact with nearby roads. Come here for a guaranteed adrenaline rush!

Stanley Park

Calgary Tobogganing at Stanley Park

Located along the Elbow River is one of Calgary's most renowned parks, Stanley Park. It is here that Calgarians can take part in swimming, picnicking, and best of all, winter tobogganing! The specific area for tobogganing is found in the centre of the park, south of the main parking lot. There is limited parking in the immediate hill area, and those hoping to park close to the hill may need to find street-side parking. But if you are willing to make the trek in, you will not be disappointed, as this is said to be one of the favored sledding hills in the city!

BONUS Calgary Tobogganing Hills

Winsport Tube Park

Looking to take your sledding experience up a notch? During the winter months, Winsport Calgary offers access to the slopes for a unique sledding experience — the Tube Park! For an admission and rental fee, you can enter the park and glide down the slopes in a large inner-tube, that will catch the speed and thrill that you are looking for! This is a perfect opportunity for families, friends, and teams to head out and enjoy the snow at a whole new level!

"At Your Own Risk" Calgary Tobogganing Hills

As stated on the City of Calgary website, "Tobogganing is an activity that you do at your own risk. The City is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to personal items." The hills mentioned above are approved and maintained by the city. There are other hills which have become favored tobogganing hills by nearby residents, but these locations are not approved by the city, and are prohibited from tobogganing for safety reasons. Those found sledding or tobogganing on these hills may be fined up to $100. The listed hills below are not included in the City's approved tobogganing hill list and therefore should be used at your own risk.

  • Turtle Hill
  • Nose Hill
  • Elbow Park
  • Hunterhorn

Get on your snow pants, toques, and mittens because this winter you will not want to miss out on the amazing Calgary tobogganing adventures to be had throughout the city! Have fun!

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