Best Hot Chocolates in Calgary – The YYC Hot Chocolate Fest Has Arrived!

No beverage beats the sweet taste of a cup of cocoa in winter! With the YYC Hot Chocolate Festival in town, here's a chance to find the best hot chocolate in Calgary.

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Best Hot Chocolates in Calgary – The YYC Hot Chocolate Fest Has Arrived!

The YYC Hot Chocolate Festival & The Best Hot Chocolates in Calgary are Here

No beverage beats the sweet taste of a cup of cocoa in winter! The chocolatey goodness has everything you need to satisfy those cravings while warming you from the inside out. But Calgarian's don't have to settle for classic hot chocolate (though that is an option too) because February 1st - 29th, the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest takes over!

This month-long festival features dozens of local drink spots and eateries across the city that compete to create a hot chocolate that breaks boundaries and satisfies every taste! Each and every hot chocolate is different, featuring unique or odd ingredients, or fun twists on the classic. The best part of this festival is that a portion of the proceeds made from all hot chocolate sales go to support Calgary Meals on Wheels — an organization working to support and improve nutritional programs in the city! In past years, this event has become one of the largest fundraisers for the Meals on Wheels organization, raising more than $133,000 since the event first began in 2011.

Ready to taste to-die-for hot chocolates while supporting an incredible cause? Download the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest app and find, taste, and rate your favourites!

NOTE: Some of the listed hot chocolates below may contain alcohol. For a list of these spirited hot chocolates, please visit the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest website or download the app!

Alforno Bakery

Featured Hot Chocolate: S'mores Hot Chocolate

Part of the Teatro Group's eateries, the Alforno Bakery is a local YYC café on 7th Street SW that offers an eclectic vibe for visitors. Get cozy here with the café's skylight windows and modern styled decor. Once you sample their S'mores Hot Chocolate this February, you will be definitely be asking for "s'more!"

Barrow Coffee Roasters

Featured Hot Chocolate: The Barcelona

Supporting direct trade from locations like Peru and Guatemala, Barrow Coffee Roasters is excited to serve Calgarians "specialty coffee that supports social change and sustainable agriculture." In addition to their supportive approach, they are proud to support Meals on Wheels by participating in the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest with their crafted beverage: The Barcelona!

Bell's Bookstore Café

Featured Hot Chocolate: Candied Orange Hot Chocolate

If you are looking for bagels, deli, wraps, and sandwiches, Bell’s Bookstore Café is just the place to visit. The menu includes a wide selection of lattes, tea, and coffee, and for a limited time you will be able to have their festival addition: Candied Orange Hot Chocolate!

Bike & Brew

Feature Hot Chocolate: Toffifee Hot Chocolate DL

If your bike needs a tune-up, get a pick-me-up for yourself too, at Bike & Brew! Calgary's "original caffeinated Bicycle and Repair shop" is where you can go to grab a beverage, fix up your bike, and engage in the cycling culture of the city! The café serves Fratello coffee, has sandwiches by Peppino Gourmet Foods, and will be sharing their feature, Toffifee Hot Chocolate DL!

Bite - Grocer & Eatery

Featured Hot Chocolate: Raspberry Beret

Do you love the pairing of berries with chocolate? Then you will not want to miss out on Bite – Grocer and Eatery's featured hot chocolate — Raspberry Beret! This specialty grocery store and bakery offers you everything you need to make an appetizing meal, or give you a chance to sit back and be catered to at their breakfast and lunch café on 9th Avenue.

Black Sheep

Featured Hot Chocolate: Holy Smokes!

If you are thirsty for a hot chocolate that will shock your taste buds, then it is time to visit Black Sheep pastry shop in the southwest of Calgary. In addition to their Holy Smokes! hot chocolate, you can purchase 100% fresh and handmade French pastries including their croissants, madeleines, cookies, and brownies. No judgement if you go back for another round later on!

Bridgeland Market

Featured Hot Chocolate: Nuts About You

Found alongside 1st Avenue in the northeast is the "neighbourhood grocery" store, Bridgeland Market! With plenty of fresh baked goods, coffee, market items, and a wonderful selection of cheese, you can discover the essentials and beyond in this one-stop grocery-shop! Come on in and taste their unique Nuts About You hot chocolate while you browse the store for other yummy goods!


Featured Hot Chocolate: Light You Up Hot Cocoa

Who is Brühe? They are "old school nutrition" and real food locale, and that is exactly what you will find on their menu. The unique menu is made up of organic items, butter coffee, gluten free delights, and even bone broth! In addition to all of this, you can now order their Light You Up Hot Cocoa only for February!

Bubblemania Cafe

Featured Hot Chocolate: Earl Grey Hot Chocolate

When it comes to creative flavours, Bubblemania Café has plenty of unique combinations and creations of Bubble Tea for you to savour! Additionally, you can experience their Asian fusion snacks and fondue to capture the entire experience. These flavour creators are excited to bring you their hot chocolate flavour: Early Grey Hot Chocolate — a dream come true for London Fog lovers!

Buffo Ristorante

Featured Hot Chocolate: Cocao Nocciola

If you’re in the market for pizza and pasta, Buffo Ristorante is one of the newest locations to visit! This fresh Italian restaurant uses décor and style to create an authentic setting that will have you craving their traditional Italian dishes. Once you have finished your meal, order the Cocao Nocciola — a combination of Nutella, Wiser's whiskey, hot chocolate, Frangelico, and complete with marshmallows!

Caffe Beano

Featured Hot Chocolate: Love Potion #9

Specialty drinks, homemade pastries, and over 25 years serving great coffee to Calgary, Caffe Beano is where you can find all the "coffee talk" you need. Since opening in 1990, they have served remarkable drinks and food to the 9th Street area, and soon you will have the opportunity to fall in love with them too! Caffe Beano's submission for the Hot Chocolate Festival is Love Potion #9!


Featured Hot Chocolate: Cardamom Hot Chocolate

Having won the Diners' Choice Award for 2018, you know that you will not be disappointed with whatever you order at Cucina in Calgary! Their menu features sharing-style dishes prepared with "elegance and simplicity." Make an evening out of your visit to Cucina and reserve a spot for dinner, and then dive into their Cardamom Hot Chocolate afterwards!

Deane House

Featured Hot Chocolate: Ruby Chocolate Ganache Hot Chocolate

Recognized as one of the best restaurants across Canada, Calgary is proud to be home to the Deane House which was originally built in 1906 alongside Fort Calgary. This historic location is where you can find local Canadian regional cuisine, seasonal libations, and exclusive drinks. Their 2020 featured hot chocolate is the Ruby Chocolate Ganache Hot Chocolate!

Deville Coffee

Featured Hot Chocolate: Ganache Hot Chocolate

Known for serving their creamy and chocolatey Nutella Latte since 2008, Deville Coffee is excited to bring you something different this February for the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest! Stop by one of their six locations found throughout the city to try their featured Ganache Hot Chocolate!

Eighth Avenue Trattoria

Featured Hot Chocolate: Hot Chai-colate!

Eighth Avenue Trattoria (aka: E.A.T) is a locale in southwest Calgary that "embodies the energy and bustle of a European street market" with plenty to eat and drink in their buffet and bar restaurant layout. This upcoming month they will be taking part in the festival and sharing their creation, Hot Chai-colate! The perfect combo for those chai tea latte and chocolate fans!

Euphoria Café

Featured Hot Chocolate: "Pumkin" Hot Chocolate

Recently relocated, Euphoria Café is proud to participate once again in the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest, but this year they are bringing something new — their "Pumkin" Hot Chocolate! Find a spot to sit in their bar-styled café and also enjoy the delicious eats such as their grilled sandwiches, Belgian waffles, and many vegan pastries!

Family Squeezed Lemonade

Featured Hot Chocolate(s): Dark Chocolate Strawberry Hot Chocolate & Brown Sugar Hot Chocolate

What could be better than chocolate covered strawberries? Family Squeezed Lemonade's Dark Chocolate Strawberry Hot Chocolate! Find this delectable hot chocolate at their location in Cross Iron Mills Mall, or try their SECOND entry of Brown Sugar Hot Chocolate. Either way, you will be in for a treat!

Fiasco Gelato

Featured Hot Chocolate: The Ned

Using the freshest of ingredients to make some of the tastiest local gelato flavours, Fiasco Gelato is a name known throughout the city of Calgary. Since being founded in 2003, their full-flavoured products can be purchased in local shops and at their primary location on 19th street. But now they are introducing something different — their "The Ned" hot chocolate! Want to know more? Head on over!

Flower & Wolf

Feature Hot Chocolate: Banoffee Hot Chocolate

As you walk through the doors, the minimalistic and modern décor of Flower & Wolf will be the first thing to catch your eye! This restaurant is hosted within the Sheraton Suites Eau Claire location, and once you have taken in the scenery, your stomach will only be thinking of the globally inspired foods you are about to eat! Make a reservation to come down for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert, and order their crafted Banoffee Hot Chocolate!

Good Earth Café

Featured Hot Chocolate(s): South Health Campus - Orange Hot Chocolate, Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre - Turmeric Hot Chocolate, Foothills Hospital - Caramel Mocha

The Good Earth Café franchise partnership locations are peaceful cafes where you can retreat for freshly made baked goods, lunch foods, and direct and ethically traded coffee. With various cafés throughout the city, there are a few noteworthy Good Earth spots that will be partaking in the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest! The South Health Campus will be serving Orange Hot Chocolate, Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre location will be serving Turmeric Hot Chocolate, and the Foothills Hospital location will be serving Caramel Mocha!

Good Mood Brewery

Featured Hot Chocolate: Malted Hot Chocolate

As they say at Good Mood Brewery, "Get in a good mood with a unique craft brewery!" So, head down and boost that mood! Located in the Calgary Foothills, this locally brewery's recently opened taproom has small meals and snacks, and lots of wonderful hand-crafted beer for you to enjoy, as well as their hot chocolate feature, Malted Hot Chocolate!

Hexagon Café

Featured Hot Chocolate: PB+J Hot Chocolate

Do you like to play board games while sipping on a cold or hot beverage and snacking on candies and other munchies? Then you need to visit the Hexagon Café in Kensington! This board-game café has hundreds of games for you to choose from, as well as the opportunity to learn new games from the game masters. Try their featured hot chocolate, PB+J Hot Chocolate, and sip on this tasty treat while you play to win!

Higher Ground Café

Featured Hot Chocolate: Chocolate Fog

Climb the steps in Kensington to get to Higher Ground Café — one of the most sought-out cafes along Kensington Road! Often a popular place for students to study or first dates, this café and their huge drink menu also offers a comfortable spot to curl up and be productive! Not sure what to get? For February, order the Chocolate Fog, knowing that the proceeds will be going to Meals on Wheels!

High Vibe Health

Featured Hot Chocolate: CHOCOBROTH™

As Alberta's only certified organic bone broth supplier, you probably wouldn't expect to find hot chocolate here, right? Wrong! High Vibe Health is excited to share their CHOCOBROTH™, a "nourishing chocolate drink" that is dairy-free, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free! This revolutionary new type of hot chocolate can be found on 153rd Avenue SE.

Holy Cannoli Coffee Company

Featured Hot Chocolate: Nanaimo Bar Hot Chocolate

Ready to eat Cannoli until you yourself are stuffed? At the Holy Cannoli Coffee Company found at the Avenida Food Hall and Fresh Market in the southeast of Calgary, you can peruse cakes, Cannoli, cookies, brownies, and everything sweet. Grab a treat and their Nanaimo Bar Hot Chocolate and meander the market!


Featured Hot Chocolate(s): Ugandan Semuliki Forest Cacao & Peanut Butter Pretzel Hot Chocolate

Kaffeeklatsch is a noun used to describe a casual gathering that includes coffee — just what you can expect from the Kaffeeklatsch Calgary café! Partnering with other local bakeries, this small café is where you can grab a beverage, relax, and chat with other coffee-goers. This year, they will be serving two hot chocolate selections: the Ugandan Semuliki Forest Cocoa and the Peanut Butter Pretzel Hot Chocolate!

Ladybug Bakery & Café

Featured Hot Chocolate: Nutella Éclair Hot Chocolate

Salad, soups, eggs benedict, sandwiches, crepes, fresh baked bread, pastries, tarts, cakes, and hot chocolate, oh my! Find all of the flavour-packed items at Ladybug Bakery & Café on Aspen Stone Boulevard. Make a trip to this charming bakery and café and grab a cup of the Nutella Éclair Hot Chocolate before it's gone!

Light Cellar

Featured Hot Chocolate: Vegan Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Calling all Vegans! Home to the "largest range of Superfoods in Canada," Light Cellar in the Bowness community is where you can find all you need to maintain a healthy and nourishing lifestyle! Head in store to find what you need or use their online shop, but don't forget to visit their location to try their in-house chocolates, sodas, friendly ferments, and now their Vegan Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!

Lina's Italian Market

Featured Hot Chocolate: Sapori di Sicilia

Serving Calgary great Italian food, drinks, and ingredients since 1993, for 20 years Lina's Italian Market has become a staple for those in the northwest of the city! There is an unlimited amount of flavours for you to sample here, and for the YYC Hot Chocolate festival, taste the "flavours of Sicily" with an Italian twist on the traditional hot chocolate — the Sapori di Sicillia!

Monki Bistro

Featured Hot Chocolate: Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Hot Chocolate

Calling all sweet-tooths! If you crave a hot chocolate that will have you smacking your lips from sweetness, then be sure to sip on Monki Bistro's Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Hot Chocolate! While you're there, dive into breakfast and brunch items made with an innovative twist! Make your reservation today to try their fantastic food and beverages and "do brunch differently!"

Odyssey Coffeehouse

Featured Hot Chocolate: Pistachio Rose Hot Chocolate

Looking for those uniquely flavoured hot chocolates to try? Get over to Odyssey Coffeehouse in the SAIT Campus Centre on 16th Avenue ASAP for their drink feature — the Pistachio Rose Hot Chocolate! This student-friendly café is perfect to grab a cup, a snack, and curl up with a book (or textbook) to while away the afternoon!

Ollia Macarons & Tea

Featured Hot Chocolate: Rocher Hot Chocolate

Known as Calgary's first Macaron Patisserie Boutique, it is no wonder that Ollia Macarons & Tea has become a popular spot in the YYC area (They even offer hands-on macaron-making classes)! Aside from their delectable macarons of every flavour and their refreshing tea selections, this month you can also try their Rocher Hot Chocolate!

One 18 Empire

Featured Hot Chocolate: Montezuma II

Described as "Alberta's finest Whisk(e)y bar and restaurant," One 18 Empire has decided to offer a unique hot chocolate in addition to their extensive selections of whiskeys and whiskey-tailored cocktails made with locally-sourced ingredients. This month you will find the Montezuma II Hot Chocolate on their drink menu in support of Meals on Wheels!

Rosso Coffee Roasters

Featured Hot Chocolate: Aztec Snowcap

With seven locations in Calgary, Rosso Coffee Roasters has become a favoured cafe by Calgarians. In addition to sharing their quality coffee since 2007, they are thrilled to announce their participation in the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest with their feature, the Aztec Snowcap! Intrigued? Be sure to visit a location to see what is all added to this version of a hot chocolate!

Sauce Italian Market

Featured Hot Chocolate: Nanaimo Bar Hot Chocolate

The Canadian-invented dessert, Nanaimo bars, are one of the indulgences that every sweet-tooth craves. But have you ever had Nanaimo Bar Hot Chocolate? Being served at Sauce Italian Market, try this sweet and authentically flavoured drink while browsing through the amazing selections found within the market, or while sitting to enjoy a drink or meal at their café or restaurant!

Sawa Market & Café

Featured Hot Chocolate: Spice it Up Sawa Hot Chocolate

Featuring an international menu, the Sawa Market & Café is a quaint and cozy locale where you will find food and beverages to help you ease into or out of the day. Come check out their location just off of 4th Street and discover their Spice it Up Sawa Hot Chocolate that will warm you up and keep things spicy!

Seasons of Bowness Park

Featured Hot Chocolate: Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Sharing fresh market take-out and providing Calgarians with a chance to enjoy casual fine dining, the Seasons of Bowness Park is a must-visit. Located within Bowness Park right alongside the water, you can experience food and drinks while staying in or taking it to go. Want something to warm your hands while you wander the park? Try their Unicorn Hot Chocolate feature!

Sought and Found Coffee Roasters

Featured Hot Chocolate: Marshmallow Bar + Real Chocolate x Milk = <3

Located just off of Centre Street in the north of Calgary, is the rustic coffee shop and roaster of Sought and Found Coffee Roasters! The coffee they serve is described as "Pure. Fine. Ethical." But for the month of February, you will also find the tasty treat of their featured hot chocolate — the Marshmallow Bar + Real Chocolate x Milk =

The Block Kitchen and Lounge

Featured Hot Chocolate: Coconut Ripple Bliss

Seating up to 68 guests at a time, The Block Kitchen and Lounge found on 4th Street northwest is the place to go for good food, sport's games, and great drinks! This location serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, kid's menus, and happy hour specials, and now they will also be serving their Coconut Ripple Bliss Hot Chocolate! Visit Mt. Pleasant community, reserve a spot, and order your drink.

The Chocolate Lab

Featured Hot Chocolate: Martha's Packing Heat

With a passion for chocolate, fresh ingredients, and chocolatier tradition, it is no wonder that The Chocolate Lab is participating in the YYC Hot Chocolate festival! Offering unparalleled chocolate experiences, be sure to stop by and try their latest creation, Martha's Packing Heat Hot Chocolate, they promise "It's an adventure worth tasting!"

The Guild

Featured Hot Chocolate: White Hot Chocolate

Situated in the old Hudson's Bay building in downtown Calgary, The Guild Restaurant features "the finest traditions of butchery, cookery and bar-keeping." Now, they can add to that list, a vendor participating in the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest! The Guild will be sharing their White Hot Chocolate from February 1st until the 29th! Grab a cup and don't forget to rate it on the app!

The Nash Restaurant & Off Cut Bar

Featured Hot Chocolate: The Michters Bourbon Banana 70% Dark

Found in a former hotel from the 1900's, The Nash is a trendy spot to eat inventive share-styled dishes with a Canadian focus, as well as a place to try a wide assortment of drinks and cocktails! Ready to sip a hot chocolate that is completely unique? The Nash Restaurant and Off Cut Bar will be serving The Michters Bourbon Banana 70% Dark hot chocolate!

The Roasterie

Featured Hot Chocolate: Red Head

Just off of the main Kensington strip can be found The Roasterie! Here Calgarians can come and enjoy coffee brews from all over the world, while watching the beans being roasted right before their eyes. Visit this rustic vibe coffee spot and try their featured hot chocolate: the Red Head!


Featured Hot Chocolate: White Chocolate Raspberry Latte

As one of the beverage vendors within the beloved Calgary Farmer's Market in the southeast of Calgary, TotaliTea has all the tea-leaves and tea-ware you require to create a delightful tea experience at home. Not in the mood to make it yourself? Order a cup of their feature hot chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry Latte and excite your taste buds!

Waves Coffee House

Feature Hot Chocolate: Cherry Bomb Dark Hot Chocolate

You are probably accustomed to tasting milk-chocolate hot chocolates, but what about dark hot chocolates? Especially ones that have those notes of cherry! You can find exactly that this upcoming month, at one of the six Calgary locations of Waves Coffee House. This cafe is all about taking a moment out of your day to sit down and connect with others, so bring a friend when you visit!

Yann Haute Patisserie

Feature Hot Chocolate: French Breakfast 2020!

If you have walked past the yellow house on 23rd Avenue, you will want to turn back and pop in! It is here that the Yann Haute Patisserie is located, serving French favourites including specialty cakes, macarons, fresh baked bread, and more. For a limited time, get their French Breakfast 2020 feature hot chocolate! Not sure what that is? The only way to find out is to come in and give it a shot! We are sure you won't be disappointed!

Yellow Door Bistro

Featured Hot Chocolate: Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa

Found within the Hotel Arts building is the modern eatery of Yellow Door Bistro that features a large open space with pops of yellow throughout the decor! Trust us when we say that "you won't be planning on going solo" when heading to award-winning bistro this month and order their new "Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa" feature for the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest!

Surprise Hot Chocolates — TBA

The following vendors below are still waiting to announce their hot chocolate creations. Visit the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest website on February 1st to see what their beverages will be!

Explore the many participating vendors during the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest, seek out the ones that sound the greatest, try new locations, or try you best to taste them all! Wherever you end up going, you can be sure that there will be something delicious to drink!

Happy hot chocolate hunting!

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