Our Top 5 Things To Do In Calgary

If you're considering relocating to Cow Town you're probably wondering what on Earth you might find here to keep you busy when you're not working? Most people have some pretty massive misconceptions when it comes to Calgary itself, our city is about as modern and as busy as you could wish for. So to put your mind at ease we decided to put together a short list of our 5 favourite things to do in Calgary, and we're sure you'll find at least some of these are things you enjoy doing too.

The Calgary Stampede

We've mentioned this in a previous blog post but it's worth mentioning again. After all the "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" is something everyone in North America should get to enjoy at least once in any lifetime. This not-for-profit, 10-day event promotes everything that's great about western culture, values and heritage and is the kind of spectacle nobody should miss.

Banff National Park

Words never do Banff justice when trying to explain it or define it. This park spans 2,500 square miles and includes everything from forests, rivers and meadows to glaciers and epic mountain ranges. The scenery here is nothing short of stunning - every sight is liable to literally steal your breath away.

Calgary Tower

We might not have the tallest tower in the world but it's definitely the tallest tower in Calgary and the glass floor on the observation deck gives you a whole new perspective on our city, if you're not faint of heart that is. Being 525 feet above ground means that you get to see Calgary in a truly unique way.

Aero Space Museum

If you're a fan of anything to do with flight or space travel then you're going to love spending time at this museum. There's a wide range of aircraft on display here, dating from World War I onwards, with every exhibit being a tribute to the courage and innovation of Canadian aviators and inventors.

Calgary Zoo

A day out in the zoo is something every family can enjoy and the Calgary Zoo features all of the animals you'd expect to find in a modern zoo, plus it also has a dinosaur exhibit too!

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