Business Spotlight: William Blake Homes

William Blake Homes, a master home building and renovation company in Calgary, is known for its exceptional attention to detail, long-term client relationships, and the ability to transform any space into a functional work of art.

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Business Spotlight: William Blake Homes

William Blake Homes in Calgary AB

William Blake Homes, a master home building and renovation company in Calgary, is known for its exceptional attention to detail, long-term client relationships, and the ability to transform any space into a functional work of art.

"I have always enjoyed construction. During university I worked part time in a construction-related company. After completing my degree, I decided that I wanted to join the custom home building industry," says company owner and founder Dave Tidmarsh. He began his construction career by joining a small building company in 2001.

It wasn't long, however, until the enterprising young man moved onto his own larger custom home building projects. In 2014, he was ready to strike out fully on his own. Having plenty of client referrals from homeowners that raved about his work also fueled his decision to actualize his vision for his own company.

Tidmarsh launched William Blake Homes in 2014, and the name came about for a very sweet reason. "William and Blake are the middle names of my sons, as well as the names of my father and father in law," explains Tidmarsh. "These boys and men have been, and continue to be, inspirations in my life and I am proud to have my company carry their names."

He continues, "William Blake is built on the idea that we will always do the right thing for our clients and ensure they have the best advice, fantastic quality, and support long after they move into their home. This founding ideal is executed without question and all of my past clients will attest to the fact that we are always there to work with them through any questions or items that come up, as well as supporting them far beyond move in day. In fact, we continue to provide maintenance and small scape renovation help for clients I have worked with many years ago (even with other companies)."

Tidmarsh has learned a lot during his time as an entrepreneur.

"As a home builder and renovator, the main thing we do differently now [from when the company started] is to provide a fixed cost building process whenever possible, while including the latest designs and building technologies. This alleviates some of the stresses of worrying about budget, while working through the process of actually building the home or completing the renovation. This change in process has created a very different experience for my clients than they may experience with other builders, and this truly sets us apart."

William Blake further differentiates itself from the competition with a vast wealth of experience.

"With a combined experience of over 1,000 custom homes and renovations, the team and I can take on any project ranging from 25,000 square foot custom homes to small scale renovations, while ensuring the best possible quality, value, and future customer support."

He has never regretted his decision to open his own company. "I get to wake up every day and do my dream job," Tidmarsh smiles. "Even when we have tough timelines or issues to deal with, I love what I do and would not trade it for the world!"

With his many years in the building and construction industry, Tidmarsh has a few pointers for homeowners ready to embark on their projects.

"Engage with a contractor first and before you take any other steps," he advises. "Further to that, properly vet your contractor choices, including insurance, references, licenses and past experience (look at past projects). Homeowners will often overlook the importance of experience and instead hire based on pricing. Within custom building, there are many contractors who should not be working on some of the projects they take on, and this is perpetuated by clients who think they are getting a better deal, when in fact they may run into many issues down the road."

"Clients will often begin the design or planning process without having a true idea of what is possible. By vetting and then selecting a contractor, a client will be able to narrow down their project budget, scope of work, timeline, and other critical items without forming their own ideas without the proper support. In an era of projects taking 30 minutes on HGTV, clients truly need to understand all the real-world factors that need to be accounted for prior to fully planning a project."

Not only does Tidmarsh love he does, he also loves doing it in the great city of Calgary.

"I love the dynamism and optimism within this City," Tidmarsh exclaims. "Despite some very tough years and little (or no) support from any level of government (city property and business taxes, minimum wage hikes, pipeline debacles, carbon taxes and other factors) this city continues to have a positive attitude toward a bright future."

William Blake shows that appreciation for Calgary by giving back to several community groups, including Indulge — Marda Loop Communities Association, and the Canucks Rugby Club.

The company's excellence in executing projects and customer service has caught the attention of Houzz. To date, William Blake is happy to have Houzz badges for 100 Saves and Best of Houzz (Service) 2018. "Each and every [recognition] is a special and heartfelt thank you from our clients. I cherish each one and look forward to creating special experiences for everyone we work with," Tidmarsh says humbly. "As in all construction, things rarely go perfectly; but, I am proud of our follow through and ensuring our clients have the best possible experiences."

To learn more about William Blake Homes, visit William Blake Homes online. Follow William Blake Homes YYC on Instagram to see progress on the iconic homes the company is currently working on in Ramsay, Lakeview Village, Crescent Heights, Bel-Aire and Riverpark.

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