Buying a Home? Time to Buy Some Tools!

Tools Every Homeowner Needs and How to Keep Them OrganizedFor many people, buying a new home means learning to do housework and home repair. To do this, many people need to buy tools. For people who have long been renters, it's hard to know what tools are necessary and useful around the house. Below are some of the most helpful tools that you can buy when making the transition from home renter to homeowner.

Hammer, Nails, Mallet

Every homeowner needs a hammer and nails. Some homeowners buy nails as they're needed, but it's good to have a supply up front. Buy a variety of lengths and gauges, some with wide flat heads, and some with small heads.

Buy a hammer for pounding in the nails, and a mallet for pounding on something that could be damaged by the hard head of a hammer. For example, you might use a mallet for pounding stakes into the ground, or assembling furniture.

Screw Driver, Screws, Anchors

Very few home repairs can be accomplished without a screw driver and screws. Most homeowners need a large and small flathead screwdriver, and a large and small Phillips head screwdriver.

Like nails, most homeowners need screws in a variety of sizes. Nail anchors help keep screws in the wall when the screw is supporting a heavy item.

Measuring Tape, Level

Measuring tape and a level are critical tools for hanging pictures, putting up curtains and doing other activities that are common for new homeowners. When buying a measuring tape, purchase one that's heavy duty and long. It will last a lifetime and will be useful for a wider variety of projects when compared to the lighter-duty measuring tape.

Painting Supplies

Many new homeowners choose to paint at least one room of their house after moving in. Painting supplies kept in good condition should last forever, so invest in good quality products from the get-go. You'll need:

  • Paint brushes (varying widths and edges)
  • Paint rollers with extendable arms
  • Painting trays with disposable sleeves
  • Rags
  • Paint mixing stick
  • Paint can opener
  • Canvas tarps

Talk to a representative at your paint supply company to help you decide what other tools you'll need for your project.


Over the years, most owners of homes in Coventry Hills build up an impressive arsenal of tools. To ensure that they have a way to keep their tools organized and easy to find, most homeowners also need a tool box. Over time, they may even need to buy several toolboxes, as they purchase new tools. Toolboxes can be expensive, especially the large tool chests.

If you're on a budget, you can save money by purchasing a used tool chest from someone online. When the time comes to upgrade, if you have money for a new tool chest, you can purchase one at that time.

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