5 Best Gated Communities in Calgary: Luxury & Privacy in Calgary

Calgary Gated Communities

Whether you prioritize security, privacy, or luxurious living, there's a gated community in Calgary waiting to meet—and even exceed—expectations. When it comes to narrowing down the best of the best in gated communities, many of which are found in Calgary’s top neighbourhoods, you'll want to explore their unique features and amenities, not just the homes.

Elbow Valley

Embrace the epitome of luxury living in Elbow Valley, where residents enjoy exclusive amenities and a pristine natural setting. Elbow Valley stands out as a luxury gated community, offering easy access to swimming, golfing, ice skating, and even exercise classes at the clubhouse.

Beyond lavish homes often priced in the $2 to $3 million range, the conservation efforts in Elbow Valley are commendable, with the community dedicated to preserving its natural surroundings and wildlife. Residents here have the privilege of enjoying fishing in the neighbourhood's serene lakes and exploring hiking trails.

In Elbow Valley, located just west of Calgary, luxury living is not just about grand homes—it's about cherishing upscale living alongside nature's splendour.

Aspen Woods

Living in the Aspen Woods Gated Community

Nestled in Southwest Calgary, Aspen Woods boasts a collection of luxury homes with stunning architectural designs. The community is perfect for those seeking upscale properties in a gated community setting.

With spacious lots, lush greenery, and convenient access to schools, shopping, and parks, Aspen Woods offers a prestigious lifestyle. The community's reputation for upscale living is evident, as typical homes in Aspen Woods list from the $900s to $3 million, attracting those who value a serene and high-end residential experience.

Part of the appeal of Aspen Woods comes from its proximity to recreational opportunities, including those on the Elbow River and at the nearby Westside Recreation Centre. Living in Aspen Woods means embracing a sophisticated lifestyle in a gated community that prioritizes both comfort and security, making it a sought-after neighbourhood in Calgary.

The Slopes

Discover the allure of upscale living in The Slopes’ prestigious properties, where custom-built homes await in West Calgary. Average single-family homes in this area fall in the upper $600s to $3.5 million, reflecting the high-quality nature of the real estate in this community.

Residents of The Slopes enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with access to high-end features along with nearby amenities such as golf courses, schools, and a recreation center. Located on the west side of Calgary near the neighbourhoods of Springbank Hill and Discovery Ridge, this community offers hard-to-beat mountain views.

If you are looking for a premium living experience in Calgary with excellent security and upscale living, Springbank Hill's prestigious properties could be the ideal choice.


Stonepine's serene setting along the banks of the Elbow River offers residents a peaceful retreat within a gated community known for its security and privacy. Spread over 100 park-like acres, Stonepine comprises 50 coach homes and 22 detached luxury homes in Calgary, providing a sense of spaciousness and tranquillity.

Stonepine is also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering biking and hiking opportunities along the Elbow River. The community's proximity to the city allows residents to enjoy a rural mountain setting without sacrificing urban convenience. To that end, it’s only a 20-minute drive into Downtown Calgary and about an hour to reach the Rocky Mountains.

Stonepine's blend of natural beauty, security, and outdoor amenities caters to those seeking a harmonious lifestyle in a gated community setting.


Living in the Mahogany Gated Community

Another highlight among prestigious gated neighbourhoods, Mahogany offers a serene sanctuary in Southeast Calgary for residents seeking luxury living amid natural beauty. This community stands out with lakeside homes, private docks, a gym and fitness centre, tennis courts, playgrounds, and 22 km of paved pathways.

The community emphasizes its natural surroundings, with 74 acres of preserved wetlands and a 63-acre freshwater lake. Detached homes in Mahogany are typically priced from the $800s up to $3 million, reflecting the upscale nature of the neighbourhood and its numerous perks.

If you're looking for a gated neighbourhood that combines luxury living with a deep connection to nature, Mahogany presents a compelling choice.

Living Luxuriously in Calgary’s Gated Communities

Whether you’re moving to Calgary or relocating within the city, you’re bound to be captivated by the luxurious features, serene spaces, and high-end amenities throughout its most sought-after gated communities. From the award-winning Elbow Valley to the tranquil Stonepine and convenient Conservatory Condominiums, each community offers sophistication and security with easy access to the city.

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