Calgary Autumn Festivals

The Best Fall Festivals in CalgaryCalgary is a city well known for its year-round festivals and inhabitants who are ready to party at all of them. Calgary's festivals are a means to showcase its broad culture, and in the autumn, that's no different. Check out these Calgary festival events taking place this fall and find one that's fit for you.

Here are 3 autumn Calgary festivals taking place this year:

Calgary International Film Festival

If you enjoy cinema, visual arts and general fun, the Calgary International Film Festival will be bringing 12 days of fun to the city very soon. From September 23rd to October 4th, more than 200 films will be shown from over 100 countries. There will also be awards ceremonies, gala events and plenty of special presentation.

The festival has been one of the largest in the city since 1999 and usually has more than 28,000 people in attendance. It's a cultural and social event perfect for anybody looking to enjoy some upcoming fun.

You will find a number of films ranging from New American Cinema to Music on Screen to Late Night and so much more. The schedule is very expansive and includes plenty of choices. There really is something for everybody. The films will come from many different series ranging from documentary to world cinema. Many have yet to be announced and will be added very soon.

You can also enjoy the Alberta Spirit Gala event, which will include plenty of short films. Tickets for this film and many others have already started to go on sale.

Honens International Piano Competition

Young concert pianists will play for audiences and will compete for the largest cash prize in this type of competition throughout the world. This is one of the most comprehensive displays of talent and it will help launch the careers of many young pianists. Some of the top pianists will be performing and this will be one of the top events in the area, held throughout October with many recitals. Find out more here,

Screamfest Calgary

Halloween is upon us, and Screamfest will be held at Stampede Park throughout the entire month of October. Known as the largest and scariest of Calgary's Halloween events, you can enjoy haunted houses, creep entertainment, carnival games and so much more. The event is rated PG13 and is not recommended for young children.

At Screamfest you will find 6 haunted houses plus an additional 2 haunted houses, 3 rides, a freak show, fire performances and live music. You'll also have the opportunity to play 8 carnival games with prizes, buy all sorts of souvenirs including LED gear or get a temporary Halloween tattoo. As you walk through the grounds you'll come face to face with all sorts of ghouls and zombies and you'll have the option of getting your picture taken with one if you dare.

If you're not the type to scare easily you'll still find a lot of the effects exciting. If you're planning to bring your children out for an evening of terror it's not recommended to bring youngsters under the age of 14, but they are allowed in. It's up to the parents to decide whether this would be a suitable venue for a younger child based on their personality type.

Screamfest has become a tradition in Calgary and due to its increasing popularity has moved from Canada Olympic Park over to Stampede Park at 20 Roundup Way SE. The festivities last up until October 31 if you're looking for an extra excuse to scream this Halloween.

Tickets for the event range from $21 to $42 depending on the type of pass you choose.

Check Out a Calgary Festival This Autumn

There are so many great festivals in Calgary, and it can be disappointing to even miss one. No matter what your background or hobbies, you're sure to find a festival in Calgary this fall that's sure to brighten your day.

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