The Best Coffee Shops in Calgary AB

The Best Coffee Shops in CalgaryThroughout Calgary, there are countless coffee shops in which Calgarians regularly get their fix, whether it's early in the morning or way on into the night. If you're looking to get coffee but want a more unique experience than one of many widespread coffee chains, consider one of the following cafés for your next coffee experience.

Cornerstone Music café

Cornerstone Music café is the perfect place to catch a little live music. They also provide great daily specials and other menu options that may pleasantly surprise you.

River Café

The River Café was founded in 1991 as a small café that operated only in the summer. 1995 saw this restaurant's expansion, with the addition of walls to allow it to operate year round. Located along the Bow River, this café uses locally sourced organic produce and grass-fed meat sources to produce delightful meals.

The River Café also frequently features a wonderful prix fixe tasting menu that is well worth the wait. For special events, the River Café is available, whether it is for an engagement party or wedding reception.

Whether you are stopping in for a dinner experience for two or want to join the River Café for one of their special holiday events, this unique restaurant is sure to please. With their dedication to locally sourced and sustainable food items, you can be assured that only the best and freshest ingredients will pass your lips. You should definitely add this café to your list of places to try.

You can’t beat the location of the River Café. It’s a charming restaurant in a rustic lodge at Prince’s Island Park. It features an extraordinary dining experience in a beautiful setting with quality cuisine. The cuisine uses mostly organic and free-range ingredients and is cooked in the wood-fired oven sending smoky, fragrant scents into the air. Try the wild game, seafood, Alberta beef or Quebec duck.

Caffe Beano

Caffe Beano is a coffee shop located in the heart of Calgary with a history of being voted the number one coffee shop in Calgary several times over. The coffee shop offers a host of food and drink options with a relaxing atmosphere, and the business is dedicated to remaining open 265 days a year.

Caffe Beano is built around community, which is why so many people make it a part of their daily rituals. café Beano is a great place to be creative, as many people come there to knit, paint, write, or socialize in groups. The café is even home to a group called the Sketch Club, which is a regular gathering of artists to create works of art together and showcase their creations.

Caffe Beano is easygoing and relaxing environment perfect for artistic-minded individuals looking for a pick-me-up.

These are a few of the top Canadian restaurant choices in Calgary.

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