Calgary Lifestyle: What Life Is Like in Calgary

What Life is Like in CalgaryWhen you think of Calgary, you likely think of the energy capital of Canada, the Calgary Stampede, and the Rocky Mountains. Set in the foothills of the mountains, Calgary is a diverse city with a high quality of life. Boasting the slogan “Be part of the energy,” you can expect a bold and lively city. Read on to learn more about what makes the Calgary lifestyle amazing.

What Makes Calgary One of Most Livable Cities?

Calgarians are often regarded as entrepreneurial, educated, and community-focused. You can expect lots of activity, as many Calgarians participate in outdoor recreation and sports with the mountains so close. The sunshine, vibrancy, and hustle and bustle eagerly welcomes all visitors and residents.

Calgary Lifestyle

Calgary is a large, sophisticated metropolitan centre that offers relaxed and friendly hospitality. Calgarians are innovative, and the city is rich in arts and culture, entertainment, and sport. The city is clean, and there is an abundance of green space, parks, and bicycle paths throughout. Community, healthy living, and family are all important aspects of the Calgary lifestyle.

Calgary Weather

Calgary is the sunniest major city in Canada, with over 300 days of sunshine, even in the winter months. However, due to the high altitude, the climate is dry, and the temperatures fluctuate, giving life to all four seasons. With that being said, Calgary is known for its unpredictable weather and chinooks—warm winds that are common in the winter and cause the weather to rise above freezing.

Calgary Population

Calgary is young and vibrant, with the youngest population for a Canadian major city. According to Statistics Canada (2020), the median age of Calgarians is 37.5 years old, and about 70% of the population is between the ages of 15–64.

Calgary Attractions

There is so much to do in Calgary! There are many venues and entertainment districts in the city. Some prominent districts include 17ab Avenue, 8ab Avenue, Marda Loop, Kensington, and Inglewood. These neighbourhoods are brimming with local shops, small businesses, restaurants, and bars for Calgarians to enjoy any night of the week. This is where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives.

The city has many tourism venues and attractions, including the Calgary Stampede, Winsport Canadaʼs Olympic Park, Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park, the National Music Centre, TELUS Spark, and the new Central Library. The City is also focused on revitalizing many older communities and engaging residents.

What to Expect in Calgary

Calgary has much to offer, and the energizing atmosphere will drive you towards new experiences. Calgary embraces diversity, and there are many opportunities to start a new life, business, or adventure. Whether you already live here or are considering the move, prepare yourself for an active and high-quality lifestyle.

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