The Best Water Parks in Calgary, AB

The Best Water Parks in Calgary AlbertaNow that the children are on vacation, and the weather is hot, why not check out some of the best water parks or pools that Calgary has to offer?

Taking a dip in a pool or sliding down a fun waterslide is a great summer activity. If you enjoy the water, here are a few of the top spots to enjoy swimming and water activities throughout Calgary.

The Bowview Outdoor Pool

There are so many things that you will love about this place; the food, the ambiance, the clean waters, and of course – the one of kind mushroom waterfalls. You can find the Bowview Outdoor Pool at 1910 6th Avenue NW.

The Southland Leisure Centre

The Southland Leisure Centre is one of the best facilities you'll find for water fun, fitness and more. There's more to do here than the average gym or swimming pool and the entire family can enjoy the facility. The centre includes a: 

  • Water Park
  • Wave Pool
  • Public Skating
  • Shinny Hockey
  • Fitness Room
  • Weight Room
  • Racquet Ball Courts
  • Climbing Wall
  • Gymnastics Gym
  • Children's Playroom
  • Babysitting Room
  • Gymnasium
  • And More!

The water park and wave pool have slides, playground type equipment and so much more. There's a kiddie area for the little ones and even a steam room for the adults. This is the perfect place for the entire family to enjoy some fun in the water. Three climbing walls are also found within the facility. The Main wall is 25-feet high, the sport wall is 45-feet high and the bouldering wall is 12-feet high. The walls are designed for all different skill levels and provide plenty of different challenges.

Within the weight room, you will find treadmills, steppers, cross-trainers, free weights, plate loaded machines, upright bikes and more. There's plenty of equipment in the 7,000-square-foot room. Music is played throughout and the cardio areas feature four televisions, which you can use through a personal stereo. The fitness room has a floating floor, mirrored walls and provides the perfect place for aerobic classes.

Pricing varies depending on whether visitors want a day pass or more long-term pass. Call the Southland Leisure Centre today to learn more about your options.

The Forest Lawn Outdoor Pool

At this pool, you will find a number of options. From a full 8-lane pool for swimming enthusiasts to wading pools for people who just want to take a splash, the Forest Lawn Outdoor Pool is a great choice. They even provide heated pools, so when the weather isn’t quite as warm, you can still enjoy time at the pool here. This pool is located at 1706 39 Street SE.

Mount Pleasant Outdoor Pool

This is the perfect place where the entire family will enjoy. There are pools designed for adults, while there are mini pools designed for toddlers and kids, too! You will also enjoy the outdoor feel of this complex. However, you won’t have any issue finding a little bit of shade when you need to cool off out of the sun. The Mount Pleasant Outdoor Pool is located at 2310 6th Street NW.

These are just a few of the different pools and water parks that you can check out and visit in Calgary this summer. There are many other great choices that cater to both the young and the old. Whether you prefer swimming laps or just getting a little sun, you can find an outdoor swimming pool for your needs.

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