Calgary will Soon be home to Orangetheory Fitness

Have you heard of the fitness program Orangetheory Fitness?  It’s a fitness class in which you’re attached to a heart rate monitor that tracks your progress. Like other High Intensity Interval Training programs, it’s supposed to be one of the fastest methods for losing weight and it’s coming to Calgary. This new fitness fad is gaining in popularity. Here is a look at what it’s all about and when to expect it in Calgary.

What is Orangetheory Fitness?

Orangetheory Fitness is a training program designed to keep heart rates in a target zone in order to stimulate metabolism and increase energy. OTF was designed back in 2010 in Florida. It came out when other High Intensity Interval Training methods were becoming popular in the fitness world to help lose weight faster and more efficiently. It’s a tech-infused take on HIIT training.

How the Orangetheory Fitness program works is that participants are hooked up to heart monitors before class. The monitor then syncs up to a large screen to display your vitals. You’ll be able to see everyone’s vital statistics on the screen in the studio including your heart rate, caloric burn and percentage of maximum heart rate you’re working at.

You’ll take part in various heart-pumping fitness exercises each class including use of treadmills, water rowers or spin bikes. You’ll start at a base pace, then go to push pace, and then all-out pace at a full sprint. You’ll go back and forth through intensities to keep your system guessing. Each level of intensity is colour coded on the screen. You’ll do this for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of strength training with dumbbells and medicine balls.

The Class is Coming to Calgary

Orangetheory Fitness has been out for four years now in 117 locations around North America. It’s currently in Royal Oak and Creekside and will be expanding to more locations in 2015.

You can currently check out Orangetheory Fitness at 126 11988 Symon’s Valley Rd. N.W.

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