Can you Take Outdoor Yoga in Calgary?

Getting outdoors and taking in some fresh air can be so relaxing. That is why outdoor yoga classes have become increasingly popular.

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Can you Take Outdoor Yoga in Calgary?

The Best Places to Experience Outdoor Yoga in CalgaryGetting outdoors and taking in some fresh air can be so relaxing. That is why outdoor yoga classes have become increasingly popular. Yoga in itself provides an at peace feeling, and combining it with the outdoors brings even more energy to the movements that are being done. Check out some of these outdoor Yoga classes offered in the Calgary area.

Outdoor Yoga Calgary

This class is offered every Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. Join this class located at Stanley Park, which is offered until October 5th. That is if the weather permits. Classes are led by Crystal Scott, and she provides various levels of yoga. This class is given on a donation basis, which is great for those that are on a budget.

Yoga in Bowness

This yoga class is held in a small park located on Bow Crescent. In the event that the class has to be moved indoors, a notice will be placed on the website at least one hour before the class is scheduled to start. There is a variation in the times that this class is offered, and the fee is $14.

East Village Outdoor Yoga

Join the East Village Outdoor Yoga class every Tuesday. Classes are offered from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., and are located at the East Village Experience Centre. Teachers from Unify Yoga lead the classes, and it is completely free.

Outdoor Yoga Three Ways

Wednesday, catch Marianne Elliott leading yoga classes at the Central Memorial Park and Carburn Park. Thursday classes are offered at Sien Lok Park. With weather permitting, classes will proceed until the beginning of September. There are variations in time, and the cost is $12 per class.

Other outdoor yoga classes offered include:

  • Hotel Arts Poolside Yoga
  • Friends of Fish Creek Outdoor Yoga
  • Karma Yoga in the Park

The Health Benefits of Yoga

There are many benefits to taking one of these enjoyable outdoor yoga classes, include possible improvements to your health. Some of the most well-established health benefits of yoga include:

  • Increases in muscle strength and tone, overall endurance, and flexibility
  • Lower blood pressure levels in some people with hypertension to protect the heart
  • Improved mindfulness and body awareness, which can lead to a better self-image, more control over your eating habits, and other positive psychological effects
  • Assistance in preventing unwanted weight gain and assists other weight loss efforts according to a study of individuals practicing just one weekly 30 minute session
  • Stress reduction to lower inflammation throughout the body and deeper, more restful sleep
  • A higher general quality of life and helps reduce the effects of anxiety, depression, and grief
  • Training in deep breathing techniques which can lead to better athletic performance due to an increase in vital capacity of the lungs.

Each person attending a yoga class has a unique set of health needs, so it's best to see a doctor before starting a new exercise regimen of any kind. People who discuss the current state of their health before beginning a new yoga routine or class can also find out how the practice might help them in particular. A pre-class checkup allows the yoga student to learn about any adjustments they may need to make to certain poses too.

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