Capture the Flag with Paintball, Airsoft and Laser Tag

Capture the Flag is a huge paintball and airsoft facility with over 115 acres. They're home to 20 courses and one of the largest facilities of this kind in the country. With airsoft, paintball and laser tag, all in one place, you'll be able to choose the right one for your group.

Paintball is played outside with plenty of different courses to choose from. The facility is huge and provides all types of obstacles including busses, castles, tires, towers, buildings and more. You can enjoy time playing the game and use the outdoor patio to regroup in between games. During the winter, there's a ski lodge type building to help you warm up.

About the Laser Trek Arena

The Laser Trek Arena is an indoor location with a black-lit maze found throughout three levels. You'll enjoy all types of obstacles as you play and you can even rent the part room to go with the game. Enjoy plenty of tunes while playing and check out the details of your play after the game. This is a perfect activity for kids and great for birthday parties.

Airsoft is also played in the Laser Trek Arena during non-prime times. There are some club nights throughout the week and you must be 14 years of age or older to play. With the many obstacles and the three different levels, this is a great facility for airsoft.


Paintball prices vary depending on gun rental and how long you want to play. Each play must pay the $7 one-time game fee, which gives you use of the facilities, mask, clean camouflage, all you can eat hot dogs and BBQ and access to all the courses. Every player will need to purchase at least 100 balls for $18, as well.

Laser Tag is $7 per play, per game with group discounts for 10 or more and 25 or more players. Each game lasts 15 minutes.

Airsoft is $25 per play for the one time game fee. Rifle rentals are $20 and for 5,000 BBs, the cost is $25.

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