Charbar Now Open and Ready to Impress

Charbar is a new restaurant that has recently opened for individuals in Calgary to enjoy.

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Charbar Now Open and Ready to Impress

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Charbar is a new restaurant that has recently opened for individuals in Calgary to enjoy. If you think the name looks familiar, you are probably thinking of Charbar’s brother restaurant Charcut which is actually a meatier and much older establishment than Charbar.

At Charbar, there is a huge emphasis placed on cooking vegetables and seafood that the guests can enjoy. While there are a lot of carnivorous options for those who enjoy meat, meat is not the focal point of this new establishment.

Full Scale Restaurant in the Simmons Building

When the Simmons Building opened up the residents of the East Village neighbourhood (as well as the residents all over Calgary) could not contain their excitement. This is a building that features a very exciting collection of restaurants you just are not going to find anywhere else.

Charbar just happens to be a full scale restaurant within this building that takes up a large portion of the space while the other two restaurants Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters offer a more café like experience than a full service restaurant.

Charbar – What Can You Expect

When you open the menu, you are going to be smacked with about 45 different dishes to explore and choose from. While this is a place that likes to focus on veggies and seafood, you can still order that big juicy porterhouse steak if that is what you have been craving.

Just keep in mind, this is the place to go if you’ve been craving vegetables or seafood. You are not going to find a better selection or better tasting vegetables anywhere in the area. Your table will even be greeted with a bright mixture of all of your favourite vegetables including onions, cucumbers, avocados, and tomatoes. If your mouth is watering, stop waiting and just head over for a bite to eat.

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