Cleaning Tips to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

If you are planning to put your home up for sale, it is worth your time to give it a thorough cleaning before asking a real estate agent to value it. Presenting your home in the best possible light may not only increase the price but it also helps to sell the home more quickly.


This is one of the most important cleaning tasks to take into account when preparing your home for sale. Most people will accumulate clutter over time. Boxes, clothing, books, and other objects strewn around the place will make your home look untidy and will create a negative impression with viewers.

Don’t simply move clutter from one place to another in your home. If you really want to hold onto a lot of stuff, put it in storage. You will have to pack and remove everything once you’ve found a buyer, so why not do it in advance?

Clean floors

If your home has carpets that look a bit jaded, it may be worthwhile calling in a professional carpet cleaning service to give your carpets a thorough cleaning. If you have worn or stained areas, consider placing rugs over them.

Non-fabric floors are much easier to clean, but you should make sure to keep on top of the cleaning while your house is on the market. Cleaning will be easier if you make some small lifestyle changes. Get family members to remove footwear at the entrance of the home at all times and maintain a regular floor cleaning schedule.

Get rid of unpleasant odours

Since you spend so much time in your home you may be unaware of any unpleasant smells. Over time, your normal daily activities such as cooking will add a distinctive odour to your home that others may find unpleasant.

Use air fresheners that neutralize smells and reduce the build-up of odours by properly ventilating your kitchen when cooking. Remove kitchen waste promptly. Although it may not be practical to do so at all times of the year, leave your windows open as much as possible when your house is up for sale.

Tidy closets and shelves

Potential buyers will have to invest a lot of money if they buy your home so they will be sure to check it out thoroughly. That means they will look in your closets. You should make sure they see tidy, well-organized closets. Make sure items are stacked neatly on the shelves rather than placed haphazardly.

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