Condo Living: How Much Space Do You Need?

Say you’re in the market for Calgary condos, but you’re just not sure if a condo will suit your needs. After all, condos tend to offer less square footage than low-rise homes—won’t you feel cramped in such limited space? This is a valid concern for any home buyer shopping for Calgary real estate, but it doesn’t have to turn into an agonizing topic. You just have to come to terms with the idea that there are two types of condo buyers: one that can cope with the limited living space, and one that can’t.

If you’re on the fence, it might help to consider the advantages of condo living. For starters, a cozy condo unit can potentially cost less, so that helps enormously if you have a tight budget. Moreover, the reduced living space often leads to a reduced propensity for clutter, as you will likely become more aware and more deliberative of the things you buy. All in all, that comes down to shorter cleaning time, as you not only have less space to cover, but also less clutter to worry about.

Well and good, you say, but what about the limited space? Well, it’s only really a matter of perspective. Just ask yourself how much living space you really need. Are condos really too cramped, or have we simply become so used to large amounts of wasted space in low-rise structures? The key to wrapping your head around the idea of a 1,000-square foot condo unit is your willingness to simplify your lifestyle and your ability to use innovative space-saving solutions. After all, it isn’t too far-fetched nowadays to hear of much smaller homes, some of which are less than 500 square feet. If those homeowners can deal with the limited area, then most likely, you can, too.

When you’re looking at Calgary condos, keep an eye out for open-concept suite layouts. More often than not, the livability of a condo rests heavily on its layout. You’ll want to maximize your usable space by minimizing waste such as unnecessary doors and divisions.

Be creative. Consider setting up multifunctional rooms—do you really need a separate dining room, or will you probably end up having dinner on your living room couch anyway?  
Don’t let height intimidate you, either. You can make do with a tiny kitchen by investing in innovative storage solutions that make good use of your kitchen walls. Stack your books up to the ceiling, and you won’t need to dedicate a precious room for your library.

One last thing about space-saving techniques: bigger isn’t always better, and small appliances can actually be charming and more eco-friendly. Plan wisely when furnishing your condo. Before making any purchases, think about how an item will fit into your home. Will that oversized bed make your room look even smaller? Do you actually need that big of a coffee table? Should you buy a new treadmill even if Calgary condos usually have fully equipped fitness centres?

Living comfortably in a condo is not an insurmountable task. All it really takes is a willingness to simplify and prioritise, as well as a certain open-mindedness and innovativeness. The next time you have concerns about the limited space condos offer, ask yourself this: how much space do I really need?

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