Decorating Tips for a Calgary Studio Condo

When you have a small studio condo you'll want to decorate it to make it seem as large as possible. Here are a few decorating tips that you can use to help bring out the space in the condo and to minimize the smaller aspects of it.

Add some bookshelves

When you need to divide spaces and make it look as if there are separate areas in the condo, use bookshelves to create this effect. Quite often a studio condo will have rooms connected without giving them separate areas and this is where bookshelves can work their magic.

Create extra height

In order to create space you'll want to create some extra height. This can be done by using tall bookshelves, curtains that go from the floor to the ceiling or by hanging any art or wall decorations higher on the wall than average. Your eyes will automatically be drawn upwards, providing the illusion of extra height.

Avoid dark colors

Colors that are dark tend to make a room appear closed-in while lighter colors make it look larger. You don't need to choose white, but you should pick out a paint color that's very light in tone.

A sectional sofa

This can be used to section off certain areas in the condo if you have enough room to fit one in. The nice thing about using a sectional sofa is that splits up the space without looking obvious.


Mirrors can work wonders when it comes to creating the optical illusion of extra space. If you have a studio condo you will definitely want to get some mirrors on your walls to create new space almost magically.

Consistent colours and designs

Throughout the condo you should be using the same type of designs and color decor to make the entire space come together. You'll want to avoid using different patterns and colours from one room to the next since this can make the condo appear smaller. The accessories should also be coordinated from one room to the next.

Studio condos are becoming very popular here in Calgary especially in the downtown core. They are the perfect way for a single person to break into the real estate market and provide the luxury of ownership without any high maintenance required.

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