Gardening & Lawn Care: Tips to Keep Your Yard Looking Great

Gardening and Lawn Care TipsMany people take pride in having a healthy and beautiful lawn, and it's a fun and creative hobby for many. Maintaining your yard also enhances curb appeal and plays a role in a buyerʼs interest in the property. However, due to changing weather conditions, gardening in Alberta takes planning and diligent tending. Fortunately, there are many ways to have a healthy yard without using pesticides.

Cosmetic pesticides are restricted in many communities across Canada. This means that you canʼt use pesticides on your lawn for cosmetic purposes, and it's recommended that you only use products authorized by Health Canada. Always check your lawn and garden frequently for pests and other problems to nip them early on.

Regardless of what kind of gardener you are, there are always fun new tips to strengthen your green thumb. Try these recommendations to get more out of your lawn and garden for less effort in the summer.

Lawn Care Recommendations

  • Replace the grass in high traffic areas with mulch or paving stones and add grass seed wherever the grass is thinning.
  • Aerate the lawn and compacted soil in the fall to help air, water, and nutrients reach the plant roots.
  • Feed your lawn with compost and grass clippings to provide nutrients.
  • Water your lawn deeply, but not too often, to promote the growth of deep roots.
    • Tip: Leave an empty tuna can on your lawn when watering. When the can is full of water, you know it is time to stop watering.
  • Do not cut your grass too short; keep it between 6 and 8 centimetres. This height promotes growth, prevents weeds, and discourages pests.

Gardening Recommendations

  • Choose a spot in your yard with lots of sunlight. Many plants need direct sunlight to thrive.
  • Use nutrient-rich and well-draining soil.
  • Feed your plants regularly with high-quality nutrients. You don't have to spend a lot of money, either.
    • Your homeʼs compost is perfect for plants, and you can work the compost into the soil or make a compost tea to water your plants.
  • Over the winter, keep fallen leaves and other plants in your garden box to protect the nutrients in the soil from decomposing during the cold winter months.
  • Use cinnamon sticks in your garden if you have cats or pests using your garden box as an outhouse. Border your box with a cinnamon stick every 8 inches and 2/3 of the way down in the dirt.
    • Cats do not like the scent of cinnamon, so every time you water or it rains, the scent will come back and ward them off.

Whether you are growing flowers, shrubs, or vegetables, plants need constant care and attention. Some grow naturally in our environment, and there are many plants native to Alberta that will flourish in your yard.

Many communities in the city also have community gardens to tend if you don't want or have space for your own garden. Not only do they strengthen community bonds, but you can share your newfound skills and tips with others, too.

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