Holiday Decorating for the Entire Family

Holiday decorating can be an exciting bonding time for the family but usually there needs to be some ground rules put into place before the decorating fun begins. There's a big difference between adult and child decorating ideas and it's best to reach a compromise before getting started.

Before you had children you probably decorated your home eloquently by keeping a color scheme in place and putting things carefully on the shelving units and entertainment centers. Kids, however, have a completely different idea of decorating. If you let them loose, you'll have your walls, windows, staircases and any empty spaces in the home filled with some type of Christmas decoration. While this can be very cute and fun to watch, you'll probably have to undo some of the creations when the time comes for visitors to arrive.

Give your kids some freedom

It's okay to give your children some freedom when they are decorating as long as you place some limits there as well. For example, if your children have made some homemade Christmas decorations and they want to hang them on the windows, give them one or two windows to decorate as they please. This way you’ll still be able to view the world through the majority of your windows and can thoroughly enjoy the two windows that your children have artistically decorated for the holidays.

Assign some children's spaces

Give your children some spaces to decorate in the home and let them know that you want some select areas to do on your own. You can help your children with their decorating and then invite them over to your area to help out as well. In your space you'll be able to let them know exactly what you want and don't want, and they will be glad to oblige since they have been given their own freedom in their own space.

Keep things light

When it comes down to it, Christmas doesn't have to be perfect. If you end up with some decorating that's a bit overwhelming try to enjoy the moment anyway. In the blink of an eye your children will be grown-up and you'll be missing the days when the house was full of homemade Christmas creations at every turn.

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