Home Architectural Styles for Home Buyers

Home Architectural Styles for Home Buyers in CanadaCanadian homes may be built in all different architectural styles. Mahogany home buyers seeking a home that matches their personality should be aware of all these styles. Knowing which kinds of homes are out there and available can help you decide which type of home is right for your personality. Once you know the types you like, you can focus on those homes in neighbourhoods where you would like to make a home purchase.


The Victorian era lasted from sometime in the mid-19th century up to the beginning of the 20th century. Homes constructed at that time were generally multiple storeys high, made up of many rooms and laid out in an asymmetrical shape. Today, these homes are often easily identified because of their elaborate shingles, creating beautiful textures on the outside of the home. Often, these homes have many colours on the outside, which also makes them easily identifiable. They're known to be romantic, great for big families, and difficult to maintain.

Victorian homes are now very old and often have old electrical systems, old plumbing and other old features that need constant maintenance. Their large size means that homeowners who purchase these properties must be prepared to pay more money in regular maintenance than homeowners who buy smaller, more practical properties. Still, they are a worthwhile purchase for people who like history and architectural beauty.


Craftsman homes were built starting at the end of the Victorian era and were constructed up through the mid 1930s. These homes are known for being more practical than the large, unwieldy homes of the Victorian times. They have large porches with thick columns supporting the overhanging structure. They're known for sturdy features and often have built-in furniture, which makes them charming and unique. These homes are excellent for families with children and pets.

Compared to Victorian homes, Craftsman homes have fewer frills, which often makes them less expensive to maintain. Because craftsman homes are typically less than 100 years old, they're also in better condition than properties like Victorian homes. This also reduces the expense associated with care and upkeep.


Rancher homes became popular in the middle part of the 20th century. They're only one storey tall, though some of them do have a basement that provides more storage space. These homes are known to be sprawling and wide, though low to the ground. Rancher homes take up more space on the lot where they sit, but for some families, they're very practical. Older homeowners and homeowners with young children often find rancher homes preferable because of their lack of stairs.

Compared to Victorian homes and craftsman homes, rancher homes are usually in better condition because they're often newer. Home buyers seeking a practical property that needs less maintenance overall should consider a rancher home for their purchase.

Work with Your Real Estate Professional

If you're a home buyer who is thinking about purchasing a property in the next few months, work with a real estate professional to find the property right for you. Your real estate professional can take you to see different types of properties, including homes in different architectural styles. Knowing what is available in your price range can help you decide which kind of home to purchase.

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