How to Effectively Downsize Your Home

How to Downsize Your HomeThere are a lot of attractive reasons to consider downsizing, particularly for those who may be nearing retirement. There may be fewer repairs, maintenance, and cleaning. There will be less storage space needed and everything from utilities to property taxes may be less expensive.

Downsizing can also be liberating, but only if homeowners plan ahead and are emotionally prepared for the task of eliminating a portion of their belongings from their home. Rule one for downsizing is planning ahead to give enough time to accomplish it without pressure or hassles. Planning for downsizing a year or two in advance of an actual move is not unheard of. Here is how to plan for downsizing.

Set a Date to Finish Downsizing

Set a date to have your downsizing complete before moving to a new home. This should be the specific goal date to be moved into the smaller space and when unneeded possessions will be significantly reduced. This smaller space may be a cozier home, apartment or condominium. Those downsizing can benefit from explaining what they are doing to close family members so they don't wonder why great-grandma's gravy bowl disappeared.

Decide Who Gets What

Planning to downsize means getting rid of unneeded items. This starts with the items in the home that do not belong to the family. If homeowners are storing items for grown children or other family members, it is time to have them take their belongings back or move them into storage. Next, homeowners can then start ridding themselves of items that have been sitting in boxes for years. If these items have meaning, find out who in the family may want them. Other items should eventually be sold at yard sales, online, or through an auction. Others could end up being donated. This is one of the most challenging aspects of downsizing so planning ahead can help tremendously.

Stop Buying New Items

Stop buying new items that aren't needed around the home. If buying new sheets or linens can be put off until after the move, wait. The less there is to move or get rid of between now and the target downsize date, the better.

Stay Focused and Do Something Every Week

Downsizing is a process. By going through one box or one closet per week, homeowners will see progress and hopefully stay motivated. Start the search for new homes in High River and learn as much as possible about it. Once homeowners get started, they may just begin to enjoy their new "freedom".

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