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Home improvement advice for Calgary, Alberta residents by Justin Havre & Associates.

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Home improvement advice for Calgary, Alberta residents by Justin Havre & Associates.

5 Popular Roofing Material Choices for ResidencesWhen it comes time to replace roofing materials, homeowners have many options to consider. They must think about how the materials look and function to make the best choice for their homes. The right roofing materials can beautifully complement the exterior home design while offering lasting protection from the elements. Some roof materials can be handled in a DIY project, while others need a professional. Here are just five of the most popular roofing materials homeowners can choose from in upgrading their homes.


Although simple in design, asphalt shingles are very affordable, attractive and durable. These shingles come in organic compounds or as a fiberglass mesh. Both types are easily installed by a skilled roofing contractor in as…

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The Best Interior Design Practices for Renovating Your HomeHave you ever walked into another person's home and have wished that your home could look just like theirs? Some people have a natural flair for decorating while others need to call in the pros for some assistance. If you're one of the latter here are some design tips for you that the pros use to make homes look stunning, homey and elegant.

Decorating Your Home With Timeless Decorating Strategies

In order to ensure your design decisions have the biggest impact, be sure to follow these design rules that will help your home stay open and welcoming.

Choose Neutrals And Whites

If your decorating flair isn't what it should be, stick to white and neutrals as a base for your decor. Once you start extending yourself into bright colors you'll…

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4 Types of Insulation For Your HomeA home’s insulation is extremely important in keeping the Evergreen new home comfortable to live in. Insulation provides a layer of protection between the interior exterior that keeps the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Most people are familiar with the pink, fluffy-looking fiberglass insulation that’s extremely common in buildings of all type, but there are other alternatives that homeowners can pick from. Here are some of the different types of home insulation homeowners can choose from when updating their home.

Fiberglass Insulation

As briefly stated before, fiberglass is the most common type of insulation for homes. This is predominantly because it’s widely available and very inexpensive at less than a dollar per square…

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Three Innovative Home Flooring Ideas for Trendy Living SpacesFlooring is vital aspect of every home that is often forgotten about because it sits idly underfoot while supporting our every step. However, when it comes to investing in functional yet trendy floors taking the time to seriously consider the many home flooring options is a brilliant way to get optimal results. Homeowners looking for a few decorative flooring ideas to take traditional styles to a modern, contemporary level—read on.

Hardwood Flooring in Your Home

Hardwood flooring can add a look of elegance and distinction to any home. As long as it is maintained it can keep it's brilliance and shine forever. Since the floor will be coated with a stain and/or varathane for protection, the money that is put into hard wood flooring can be a…

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Fresh Coat of Paint for ListingThe common wisdom is that you should go for neutral colours everywhere when trying to sell your home. Interior walls should be white to avoid putting someone off with a disagreeable colour. Rentals are painted white for this reason, right? However, Consumer Reports research on house colours and selling prices show that the common wisdom may just be wrong.

When You're Getting Tired of Neutral Colours

It's normal to see a lot of homes on the real estate market that are being shown with neutral colours. When you're trying to sell a home the idea is to try to appeal to the most people by using these neutral tones. When you first purchased your home you probably had a lot of neutral colour schemes running through the house. Over time, you may have…

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How to Remediate Pests from Your HomePest remediation is an important topic in homeownership, especially if you are thinking of selling your home. From urban areas to rural communities, homeowners everywhere may struggle with pest remediation. Whether you're a new homeowner who would like to prevent pests, or you're an experienced homeowner who has long struggled to keep pests away, these tips can help.

Recognize the Signs of Pest Infestation

Knowing the signs of pest infestation is important. It's especially important to recognize these signs early in the infestation. Catching the signs early can ensure that the homeowner will be able to remediate the pests before they become a serious problem. Homeowners can watch for:

  • Mouse feces. Mouse feces are small, black, and…

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Home Security Systems: Which is Best For You?When it comes to picking a security system for a home, it isn’t a “one size fits all” sort of things. There are many different types of devices and systems that range from just basic alarms to 24/7 professional surveillance. Some homeowners want all the bells and whistles, while some just want that little bit of extra security to give them a little peace of mind. Some new construction homes that are purchased may even already have a security system installed. But what really is the difference between the different types of security systems? Here are the main types and what sets them apart from each other.

Local Alarms

The first type of system is for the homeowner who just wants a little extra peace of mind. Local alarms consist of basic…

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What Can Homeowners Do About Unpermitted Work?When home buyers are interested in purchasing a home, a home inspector may only catch obvious signs of unpermitted work. A homeowner may discover later that some of the work performed on a home did not have the proper permit. What are homeowners to do in such a situation?

Do home owners have to tear down and start over with the proper permits or are there other options? Learn more about unpermitted work and homeowner options today.

When Homeowners Find Out

What do you do about unpermitted work? If previous owners did not disclose their knowledge of work done without a required permit, then new owners can not finish any renovation project without having the city sign off on previous unpermitted work.

Homeowners have to deal with getting…

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Top Home Safety Hazards for New HomeownersNew Canadian homeowners may not realize the potential for injury in their home. As many residents spend a significant amount of time indoors, it is important to track down areas that may require attention to make it safer environment for all occupants. Pets, the elderly and young children may all be subject to a physical injury or worse when new homeowners have not addressed common home safety hazards.

Explore some common home safety hazards that can be experienced by first-time homeowners today.

Obstacles May Pose a Threat

Head injuries or broken bones result in the 20 per cent of older adults who fall. Injuries as a result of falls is a common household hazard. Many homeowners may be moving into older homes needing some TLC. Lighting is…

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What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know About Foundation DamageWhen it comes to buying or selling a home, most parties involved immediately think about amenities, curb appeal, current market conditions and neighbourhood demographics. However, it's what lies beneath that may matter the most, and that's the home's foundation. Whether homes feature poured concrete, frost-protected, raised foundations, permanent wood or insulated concrete form foundations, here are some common home foundation concerns that buyers and sellers face.

Spotting the Signs of Foundation Damage

There's a big difference between normal house settling and actual foundation damage. Wondering how to tell if a house has foundation problems? Here are some things to look for that could indicate that the foundation needs a closer look.

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