Helpful Tips to Help Take the Stress out of Moving

What to Know About Moving to CalgaryIf you're not Canadian, then you probably have no idea how incredibly big our country is. Even if you are Canadian you'll know that we don't measure our car journeys in kilometres but in how many hours it takes to travel from one place to the next. What we're getting at here is that if you've decided to relocate to Calgary, the entire moving process might require just a little more planning than you're used to and especially in terms of the kind of timescale you'll be working with.

How to Plan for a Successful Move

Here's what to know about planning to move to a new city.

Moving Companies in Calgary

You're going to need professional help when moving to a new city, or at least it's a smart choice in our opinion, so the sooner you contact service providers who can cater for a move to Calgary the better. To make the best possible choice when it comes to a moving company you'll need to contact several of them for their pricing and availability. It’s going to take time to sort through their individual offers so now is a very good time to start the selection process.

Pack Your Belongings Early

It's only when you move to a new home that you realize how much clutter you've managed to gather around you and how rarely most of it is actually used. A great way to optimize your packing process is to start boxing up these items as early in the move as possible. That way they're not in your way when the day of the big move comes.

Create A Moving Calendar

The very last thing you want to do is move home on an ad-hoc basis, where you start making decisions on things as they come up. This means formulating a plan for moving to your new home is very important. Actually writing a plan down allows you to detail exactly what needs to happen for your move to be as smooth as possible. 

3 Helpful Tips to Help Take the Stress Out of Moving

Are you planning a move in the upcoming future? Here are 3 great de-stressing tips you can use to help you face the move without all of the added worry that commonly goes along with it.

Plan Ahead With a Moving Game Plan

Put your plans for a move well in place long before the move is expected to happen. When you have the time to put a plan together you'll be able to strike things off the list as they are done. Visit a large moving company's website and look for a downloadable and printable worksheet that you can use to plan your move. Use this as a guide and then add anything extra to it that pertains to your own personal situation.

This takes a lot of thinking out of the operation and puts you more into action mode. You'll be able to see progress being made every step of the way and take comfort in knowing that you are moving along.

Work Within Your Budget

Get a budget put in place for the actual move itself and stick to it. It must be a realistic budget, of course, but you can work with this amount when you do your comparison shopping. A lot of stress comes from money issues so try your best to keep them out of the picture altogether.

Plan A De-stressing Action

If you do end up getting stressed during the move, what can you do to help yourself get out of it? Maybe a couple of quick yoga moves? Take some deep breaths to release the stress? Call a good friend? Have something in place that you can do as a stress reliever on the big day. It will help to get you moving again in a calm and productive manner.

How to Find the Best Moving Company

Once you've sold your home and are ready to move into a new one it's time to find a moving company. When you're ready to take that step forward you suddenly realize that you are going to have to put all of your worldly goods in the hands of a company and people you don't know. You'll want to have trust in the moving company you choose so that you don't end up with any unwanted surprises once the move has been completed.

Ask For Moving Company Recommendations

Talk to friends, family and coworkers to get the names of recommended moving companies. Once you have a few on a list, contact each one to ask for an estimate. Each business will send out a rep that will give you a written one. If you are ever offered a quote over the telephone, just move on to the next company. No company can give you an honest estimate without visually seeing the contents of your house first.

Find Out About Moving Insurance

You’re going to want to have your belongings insured during the move so you'll have to find out what type of insurance is being offered by the moving company. You'll also need to check your homeowner's insurance policy to find out if it covers a move.

Comparing Costs of Moving Companies

You are going to get differing estimates from each moving company but the cheapest one isn't always going to necessarily be the best deal for you. You'll want to get different quotes on moving packages that include full or partial packing as well. Then you'll need to take a look at the costs and the insurance offered as a total package.

Your Gut Feeling With Companies

Never underestimate the feelings that you may have about people or companies. Sometimes you just know that something isn't right but can't exactly put your finger on what the problem is. If you have any concerns or doubts about a moving company and can't seem to get them resolved through communication, it's best to look for another mover to deal with.

With so many Calgary moving companies available, you'll want to be dealing with the one you feel you can trust the most, offers reasonable pricing, good insurance and comes recommended. After all, you have worked hard for your possessions and they deserve the best care possible!

Using a Professional Moving Company vs. Making the Move on Your Own

Some people are covered for their moving expenses if they are making a company move while others have to foot the bill on their own. If you've seen the cost of professional moving services lately you may start to have second thoughts about hiring one and consider making a move on your own. While you may save money in the process, the risks are great when you take on your own move and here's why.

No Insurance Coverage

If something should happen when you're using a professional mover there will be insurance to cover any damages. If you’re moving on your own you won't have this piece of mind and will have to cover the costs if there is any damage to your furniture or other personal items during the move.

If you are just moving down the street the chance of anything getting damaged is quite low but if you've purchased a new home that’s further away you may not want to take the risk.

Getting Family And Friends To Help

You may have the idea that you can get your family and friends to help you with the move. Unfortunately, in many cases, this can end up in disaster mode. There is usually at least one person that is there to help that doesn't give your belongings the attention and care that they deserve. It's not rare to find damage occurring when your friends and family arrive to help out. People start chatting, get distracted and you end up getting frustrated with the whole affair.

The people that do arrive to help out usually don't have the first clue about securing the furniture properly in the truck, moving the belongings out of the home so that the property doesn't get damaged and most don't know the right way to stack things to keep everything protected.

The Celebration Of Moving

Some of the family members that you invite over to help with the move, along with some of your friends, may consider the moving experience to be more of a celebration and a get-together than work that needs to be done seriously with a lot of concentration. Some may even bring over their own case of beer to add to the festivities. If this should happen you can be in real trouble.

A professional moving company doesn't take a lighthearted approach to the moving effort and the workers know that their job is on the line if they continually cause damage to other people's belongings or to a property. They have been extensively trained to move a household of items knowing that some of the belongings may be extremely valuable and need extra special care.

Get Ready to Move Early

It's up to you whether you want to take the risk of using friends and family to help you move or whether you want to dig deeper into your pocket and use a professional mover. If you do have room in your budget to work with the professionals, it will make for a smoother move and in most cases all of your belongings will arrive in your new home without a scratch or a dent.

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