Stay on Track With This Home Moving Timeline

A Simple Moving Checklist Week By WeekTake the hassle out of the big day with this simple home moving timeline that will help you get things in order and experience less stress when buying a new home and moving.

Two Months Before Moving

Start looking into truck rental services or movers that offer services between your departure and destination city. Get quotes and ask pertinent questions such as what they will and will not move. Houseplants, pets, light bulbs and toxic chemicals are items movers shy away from. Begin sorting and downsizing household items, taking time to get rid of what you don't need or want anymore.

8 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Contact van lines or rental truck companies to get estimates.
  • If you have unwanted or unneeded items, plan a garage sale and set a date.
  • Arrange to transfer school records if you have children.
  • Start a "move file" for all receipts, papers, and estimates related to your move.

6 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Select a van line or rental truck company and arrange pick-up and delivery dates.
  • If you are moving to a new city, ask your attorney, doctor, and other providers for referrals and necessary records.
  • If you have pets, schedule a check-up and get a copy of veterinary records.
  • Set schedules with real estate agents and/or landlords.

One Month Before Moving Day

Make arrangements to transfer utility services such as internet, electricity, phone and gas. Additionally, go ahead and fill out change of address cards with Canada Post to make sure mail will be sent to the new residence once the move is complete. Don't forget to transfer any prescriptions and/or obtain copies of medical records to provide new physicians with. Also, be certain to cancel any regular services such as landscapers, newspapers and housekeeping.

4 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Schedule disconnect dates with your local utility company(ies).
  • Notify the appropriate utility company(ies) of connect dates for your new home.
  • Cancel newspaper subscription and trash pickup effective on your move date.
  • Check with your local post office for change of address information and forms.

Two Weeks Until Moving Day

Begin disassembling large furnishings, closet systems or shelving units going to the new home. Finish packing up spaces like attics and basements and storage closets, as these items are rarely used. Decide whether a cleaning service should be employed to clean the old home after the move or the family will handle the task and make appropriate arrangements. Also, will someone be needed to keep an eye on kids and pets during the move? If so, schedule a sitter now.

Moving Week and the Big Day

Contact movers or the Priddis Greens truck company to confirm the date of the rental, and begin arranging boxes so that they are ready to be loaded in the truck. Keep things the family may need first set aside to go into the truck last or to travel by private vehicle. Have everyone pack a suitcase with personal needs and clothing for a few days just in case something goes awry with the moving truck. Keep prescriptions, chargers and other essentials handy, as well. On moving day, a bit of cash for tipping movers and other individuals assisting is also recommended.

1 Week Before Moving:

  • Clean out refrigerator and defrost freezer.
  • Have your car serviced if you will be moving/driving a long distance.
  • Confirm connect dates for utilities in your new home.
  • Transfer or close your checking account. Be sure to get all items from your safe deposit box.

Moving Day:

  • Spend the entire day at home with the movers.
  • Carry any valuables or family heirlooms with you.
  • Just before the movers leave, take a final tour of your home. Make sure nothing has been left in drawers or closets.
  • As you leave, be sure all windows and doors are locked.

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